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British Intelligence ‘Conservative’ Assets Mobilizing To Block Assange Pardon

Dec. 19, 2020 (EIRNS)—The Heritage Foundation’s “Daily Signal” news platform yesterday posted a strident call warning President Donald Trump that if he “is seriously considering pardoning Assange, we would strongly urge him to reconsider.” The statement, signed by three leading officials at the foundation, is vituperative, declaring Assange “an enemy of the United States” along with Edward Snowden. The Heritage tweet reads: “We support a free and open press—but Assange is not a free speech hero. He deserves to face the full legal consequences of his actions and, under no circumstances, deserves to be pardoned.”

American statesman and patriot Lyndon LaRouche first exposed the Heritage Foundation as a front for its British Fabian Society’s “Mother” back in the 1970s. He never let up on these enemy moles, whose anti-American role he succinctly summed up in his Dec. 18, 1999 campaign statement, “The Heritage Foundation Misspeaks—Again: ‘Who Needs Brains, When We Have Muscles!’ ”

“[This is] the same Heritage Foundation which played a leading role in wrecking President Ronald Reagan’s March 23, 1983 proposal for a Strategic Defense Initiative (SDI). That Foundation is a leading front-organization for a section of British intelligence which operates under private cover, the Mont Pelerin Society. That latter is the same organization which gave the world the Lady Margaret Thatcher whose policies, continued by Prime Minister Tony Blair, led to a series of disastrous train-crashes, such as that recently at greater London’s Paddington Station. Heritage Foundation policies would have a similar, train-wreck-style of impact upon U.S. national security.”

The Heritage attack on Assange received a particularly negative response from many of the Heritage true believers, several of whom said they would cut off support to the Foundation. One wag wrote: “We support a free and open press—as long as it doesn’t report on neocon war crimes.”

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