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LaRouche’s Method for Defeating the Pandemic and Stopping the Coup

Dec. 20, 2020 (EIRNS)—Over the weekend, British Prime Minister Boris Johnson announced that a new strain of the coronavirus had erupted in the United Kingdom, which is estimated to be 70% more transmissible than the current virus. He immediately put London and entire sections of England under strict lockdown through the end of the year. “Christmas this year will be different,” he stated, “very different.”

One ocean and an entire continent away, southern and central California are being hit by “The Big One”: not an earthquake, but a tidal wave of COVID-19 cases which has already exhausted the ICU capacity of the area’s hospitals—and yet COVID-19 hospitalizations in heavily-populated Los Angeles Country could jump more than four-fold, from 17,400 today to 75,000, by mid January, according to medical experts.

At the same time, the British-orchestrated theft of the U.S. election and Constitution is 30 days away from placing their puppet, Joe Biden, in the White House, if not stopped in its tracks.

In the Dec. 19 weekly Manhattan International Dialogue, panelist Harley Schlanger took the issue on directly: “I think many people are starting to panic; people who thought that Donald Trump won the election are starting to panic and saying, ‘What can we do?’ So, in a moment of this kind of tension, where we also have geo-strategic tensions, we have a pandemic, we have a global financial crash underway, people may be wondering precisely the question you [host Dennis Speed] just asked me. What do questions of the method of physical science and Classical culture have to do with determining these, what seem to be pragmatic issues?”

Speed elaborated on the diagnosis: “This is not a crisis of the American Constitution; it’s a crisis of the moral constitution of the present generation of Americans. You have a situation in which there was the theft of a United States Presidential election, a theft which was, in one sense, a descendant of a process that had been going on for many decades actually, but which was punctuated to our direct knowledge by the persecution and near assassination of Lyndon LaRouche, who was a Presidential candidate several times in America prior to the time at which this was attempted, which was October 6, 1986. Four hundred federal, state, and local troops attempted to kill him. And although this is known in America, very few people defended Lyndon LaRouche at that time.”

Speed cited an April 1977 writing by LaRouche as providing the key to addressing the underlying problem:

“There are no unreachable summits for man, since everything in existence conforms to the lawful ordering of the universe. There is always a method and a path which lead efficiently to the summit of the Everests of all kinds. These possibilities are mainly matters of technology and knowledge. What we are able to do is limited by the progress of our technology. Whether we can successfully achieve what available technology implies, is the matter of knowing the appropriate path and mustering the enduring determination to follow that course.

“On these very premises, we may regard human colonies on Mars as a task of the century, beginning about 1990-95 [LaRouche wrote in 1977—ed.]. For the same reason, the mastery of Beethoven is something we should have been capable of effecting before this. Beethoven was a product of the same European culture that produced our American Revolution and established our republic.” (“The Secret of Ludwig van Beethoven,” by Lyndon H. LaRouche, Jr.,  April 18, 1977.)

We refer all readers to the full proceedings of the Dec. 12-13, 2020 Schiller Institute conference “The World after the U.S. Election: Creating A World Based on Reason.”

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