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Global Times Editorial on COVID-19 Response Hits U.S. Failure To Act Before Vaccine Impact

Dec. 22, 2020 (EIRNS)—The lead editorial yesterday in the Global Times nails the failure in the U.S. to act on the rapid spread of the COVID-19 before the vaccines kick in, and failure to work together internationally to address the global crisis.

“Fighting the novel coronavirus is an arduous battle, and humanity has to make sacrifices,” they write.

“Herd immunity is nothing but an illusion. Modern human society cannot bear the costs. A strong social mobilization is essential to cut the transmission channel of the virus. For a society that cannot strictly enforce social distancing at critical junctures, people have to make up for it. The U.S. has almost given up efforts to mobilize society to fight the virus, but pinned all of its hopes on vaccine. The harm of this attitude has so far been fully proven. The U.S.’ attitude has profoundly affected many countries in the West and even the world, which is a bad example of giving up the COVID-19 fight because of the difficult work.”

They continue: “To defeat COVID-19, in addition to relying on vaccines, the world must unite as soon as possible and take coordinated actions. The world should truly form as a whole from detection, monitoring the latest trends of the pandemic, to responding to it.”

They say that the “current ruling team in Washington is the main obstacle to the world’s unity in fighting the pandemic.”

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