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The World Faces War, or Peace Through Development—There Is No In-Between

Dec. 22, 2020 (EIRNS)—The level of information warfare in the U.S. has reached fever pitch. While every news outlet, as well as all the Democrats and many Republicans, rail about the “baseless” claims of vote fraud, President Donald Trump and his lawyers are taking the massive evidence to the Supreme Court. Rudy Giuliani explained the strategy on Newsmax Monday night, Dec. 21: the first case, on the Pennsylvania fraud, has been presented to the Court, and will be followed, state by state, for the contested states. The plaintiff is the President himself, so the question of “standing” is not an issue, which until now has been the basis on which the cases have been dismissed without a hearing on the merits of the evidence. A number of Congressmen and Senators met with President Trump in the White House Monday to plan the strategy for Jan. 6, at the joint session of Congress in which the electoral votes are to be counted, where they will challenge the electors from several states where the fraud took place.

The global crisis is also escalating on every front. The COVID-19 pandemic is totally out of control in most of the world other than China and East Asia, including emphatically in the U.S. The ICU units in southern California are at 0% availability, with the expected number of necessary hospitalizations over the coming weeks expected to increase dramatically. The death rate now surpasses 3,000 nearly every day—more than the deaths on 9/11. The Chinese newspaper Global Times editorial today reports, correctly, that “the U.S. has almost given up efforts to mobilize society to fight the virus, but pinned all of its hopes on vaccine.” The vaccines are indeed coming into emergency use in very large numbers, a scientific accomplishment in this short time of historic importance, but it will be many months before the vaccine makes the population safe.

And what of the rest of the world? China and Russia are doing all they can to get their vaccines to countries around the world (and it should be noted that they developed their vaccines at the same historic pace as Warp Speed in the U.S.), but this is far from enough to meet the level of this crisis, especially given the famine sweeping large parts of the globe. The Global Times editorial added: “To defeat COVID-19, in addition to relying on vaccines, the world must unite as soon as possible and take coordinated actions.” This is, in fact, the intention of the Committee on the Coincidence of Opposites, launched by Helga Zepp-LaRouche and former Surgeon General Joycelyn Elders, along with medical professionals, former military officers, farmers and others, while also mobilizing measures for emergency food and medicine deployments to Africa immediately.

But the world is not uniting—quite the opposite. Whatever President Trump’s intentions, he has done nothing, either because he is unwilling or unable, to rein in the geopolitical fanatics in his own cabinet and in the Congress. Russiagate has returned with a vengeance with the absurd accusation that “Cozy Bear”—a CIA creation blamed on the Russians during the first round of Russiagate—is behind the extensive hacking of U.S. institutions, revealed over the past week. At the same time the pathetic Alexey Navalny and his CIA controllers staged an absurd phone call with a supposed FSB agent who “admitted” to placing Novichok in Navalny’s underwear! Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross then imposed further sanctions on 45 Russian and 58 Chinese entities, nearly all their leading companies involved in power, aircraft, shipping, telecom, nuclear, and more. This “decoupling,” while implementing at the same time extremely provocative deployments of nuclear-armed submarines and missile systems on Russian and Chinese borders, is threatening global war, not global cooperation. The war party—the Bush and Obama generals and strategists who launched the regime-change wars—are chomping at the bit for Biden to be inaugurated, to get back to launching more wars “to defend democracy.”

One important means for President Trump to overturn the geopolitical chessboard would be to pardon both Julian Assange and Edward Snowden, setting these truth-tellers free to inform the American population, and the world, precisely who within the U.S. intelligence agencies and their British cohorts set up the “surveillance state” through the NSA, and how these same intelligence circles ran Russiagate and other coup-attempts against President Trump, preventing him from implementing his intention of building friendships with Russia and China and ending the endless colonial wars. The Schiller Institute release of Dec. 18—“Exonerate LaRouche! Assange, Snowden Pardons Can Expose 2016-2020 Russiagate Hoax”—should be circulated widely. Today, the UN Special Rapporteur for Torture and Other Cruel, Inhuman or Degrading Treatment or Punishment, Nils Melzer, issued an open letter to President Trump, calling on him to pardon Assange, to “send a clear message of justice, truth and humanity to the American people and the world.”

If mankind is to achieve “Peace on Earth and Good Will Toward Men,” as promised by the Christmas message, people of good will must act now, in cooperation with all nations, to end the onrushing danger of war, economic collapse, pestilence and famine, and to bring about a new paradigm based on the common aims of mankind.

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