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Trump Twitter Page Posts Psychotic Rant à la Epoch Times: ‘Communists Are Taking Over America!’

Dec. 24, 2020 (EIRNS)—Donald Trump’s Twitter page today posted (signed by “Team Trump”) an absolutely psychotic video by a former leading Epoch Times executive, ranting that communists, and the Chinese Communist Party in particular, are taking over America, and only a massive mobilization for Donald Trump can save us. Seth Holehouse, the Creative Director for Epoch Times from 2008-16, made the two-part video “The Plot To Steal America,” 9 minutes on the vote fraud, and 8 minutes on an anti-communist post that would make Joe McCarthy blush. The long-standing “communist plan  to take over America,” he says, is to “take over one or both of the political parties,” and seize control of the media and Hollywood. After this Nov. 3 election, he says, “it is clear they have clearly achieved their goal,” and “all roads lead to China—in particular, the Communist Party of China.” 

He reports that China has bought control over the press, naming the New York Times and the Wall Street Journal, and given huge sums of money to the Biden family. “They’ve been coming after America, after you and me, for decades,” and it was “almost complete until President Trump got in their way.” He then reviews Trump’s trade war, and the Pompeo/Wray anti-China actions (not mentioning them, but lying that this was Trump’s policy).

“The invisible enemy is communism,” he goes on, stopping just short of claiming they are “destroying our precious bodily fluids.” It sneaks into our country, he says, corrupting our politicians, our businessmen. He calls on everyone to cancel their Google, Twitter and Facebook accounts and subscribe to “OAN, Newsmax and Epoch Times.” China’s devious plot, he says, has “awakened the sleeping giant”—this is a second fight for freedom, like 1776, but not against the British, but against China! He calls it the “Great Awakening.”

The author, Seth Holehouse, wrote on his Facebook (!) page: “President Trump just shared my video—pretty amazing. This is just the beginning!”

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