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Christmas Will Not Be So Merry for Most This Year

Dec. 24, 2020 (EIRNS)—The time to celebrate the Christmas message of “Peace On Earth and Good Will Towards Men” comes at a moment in history in which such peace and good will is desperately needed, but sorely lacking. The death rate of the pandemic is reaching record rates in many parts of the non-Asian world, while the death rate by starvation is threatening to reach Biblical proportions over the coming months if vast emergency measures are not put in place immediately. The necessary cooperation between the world’s major nations—especially between the two largest economies of China and the U.S.—is non-existent. Indeed, the President of the United States allowed a posting on his Twitter account today— a video by one of the fanatics from the Falun Gong cult’s newspaper Epoch Times—which declares that communism is taking over America through the Chinese Communist Party, calling for Americans to fight like the 1776 revolutionaries—not against the actual British enemy of the American System, but against China. The fact that nearly the entire world is looking to China for development through infrastructure, through the Belt and Road Initiative, is described as an effort by China to take over the world, to take over America’s supposedly “God-given right” to be the unitary super-power:  American “exceptionalism.”

     The LaRouche Movement, as of Dec. 23, has formed a new organization, called simply “The LaRouche Organization,” whose purpose is to address this global existential crisis facing mankind in its entirety, as was the intention and the life’s work of Lyndon LaRouche—read, “Who We Are.” We call on all people of good will to go to the new website this Christmastime, sign up to receive our updates, to listen to Harley Schlanger’s daily “Morning Briefing” video update and Helga Zepp-LaRouche’s weekly strategic webcasts, and to contribute your time, and your efforts, and your creative powers to mobilize for the new paradigm so desperately needed in the New Year.

Donald Trump will remain President until January 20 even if the effort to expose the vote fraud fails in the Supreme Court, and much can, and must, be done in these coming weeks. He came to office calling for an end to the Bush-Obama regime-change wars, for being friends with Russia and China, for restoring the nation’s industrial and scientific orientation, and he can use this coming month to act on those principles—to reject the lunacy of the Pompeo-led McCarthyism against China, just as he threw out the war-party generals at the Pentagon last month and began removing our troops from those evil wars.  

Our first and most urgent task in the Christmas spirit is to take the emergency measures required to stop the famine. You can read and support Helga Zepp-LaRouche’s Oct. 29, 2020 call to achieve that goal, the “Statement To Form the Committee for the Coincidence of Opposites (Coincidentia Oppositorum).”

There may be no Santa Claus this year for most of the world’s people, but a message to restore humanity, peace, and beauty to the world will be the greatest gift we can bring humanity.

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