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Trump Needs To Fire Pompeo, Not Fire Missiles at Iran

Dec. 26, 2020 (EIRNS)—The Washington rumor machine has been running at hypersonic speeds in recent days, on the matter of Iran, and will Trump attack or not. Aside from stories spreading fears that President Donald Trump might declare martial law before Jan. 20, there is also worry that Trump may order a hit on Iran. EIR doesn’t lend credence to rumors, but it must be noted that certain facts line up, including the threats issued by Trump on Twitter and the deployment of substantial U.S. naval forces to the Persian Gulf. Sputnik International news agency posted a review yesterday quoting a number of experts opining on why Trump might strike. One, Hooman Majd, an Iranian-American journalist, author, and commentator, listed five factors in his speculation of what may be behind Trump’s toughened rhetoric on Iran, all of which are properly tied to Secretary of State Mike Pompeo, three of them directly.

The Pompeo policy on Iran is based on the same modus operandi as his McCarthyite hysteria campaign against China. This is sufficient reason for Trump to fire Pompeo rather than fire missiles at Iran. Mr. Majd’s speculations:

• Trump would like to see a Biden Administration struggle to rejoin the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA); • “perhaps it’s revenge for Iran not bowing to his demands and not agreeing to meet with him and negotiate a new deal”;

• “it’s probably because Trump’s ‘maximum pressure’ policy on Iran has failed and he, nevertheless, wishes to pursue it to the bitter end”;

• “it’s apparently the growing influence of Secretary of State Mike Pompeo, an old Iran hawk, in crafting U.S. foreign policy until 20 January”; and

•”Israeli and Saudi concerns over Washington’s projected rejoining the JCPOA could also be at play here.”

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