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Kasparov Wants All-Out Confrontation with Russia and China

Dec. 27, 2020 (EIRNS)—Garry Kasparov, the former world chess champion turned anti-Russia fanatic, now chairman of the Renew Democracy Initiative and the Human Rights Foundation, was given free rein on CNN to rant about Putin, while throwing in a few barbs at Xi Jinping.

Kasparov, under the headline “It's Time To Treat Putin's Russia Like the Rogue Regime It Is,” retails all the tired accusations, without evidence, of course, about Putin killing dissidents, invading Ukraine, interfering in the U.S. elections, etc. He brags about his own incarceration in 2007, where he refused to eat the prison food, “insisting they allow my mother to bring me provisions.”

Russia, he states, is “stagnating under dictatorship”—a rather strange assertion given the total breakdown taking place in the entire trans-Atlantic region. Rather humorously, Kasparov writes:

“Putin even accused American intelligence agencies of supporting Navalny, which, unfortunately, isn’t likely.”

But never worry, says Kasparov, the evil Trump is going away, asserting that Trump’s “only consistent position over the last four years has been his loyalty to Putin,” and praises Pompeo for blaming Russia for the recent hacking of U.S. institutions. “Yet, there is always talk about the need for more international engagement with these despots and thugs, not less,” he adds. “China’s Xi Jinping,” he claims, “has become more authoritarian and aggressive since the U.S. welcomed China into the World Trade Organization,” showing that “engagement—or appeasement by another name—reinforces their sense of impunity.”

His “solution”:

“Russia must be ejected from the international institutions it alternately exploits and ignores, like Interpol. It must be made clear that there can be no normalization until Putin is gone. As President-elect Joe Biden gears up to enter the White House, he should make a strong statement that the United States is ready once again to lead the free world and will no longer tolerate Russia’s actions—unlike his predecessor. It’s past time to treat Putin’s Russia like the rogue regime it has become.”

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