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Apply the Schiller/LaRouche Principle of Statecraft To End the Crises

Dec. 26, 2020 (EIRNS)—We face a worsening world situation of pandemics, famine and war, as long as the method of thinking imposed by the oligarchic neo-British Empire remains in effect. Look at the many deadly examples of this, from destructive casino economics presented as “normal,” to the Big Lie that human activities are overheating the planet, and depopulation is a must.

Helga Zepp-LaRouche addressed this in her Christmas week webcast today, stressing that the power to break the imperial paradigm, lies in the principle of statecraft as developed by Friedrich Schiller, and as furthered so profoundly by Lyndon LaRouche. This paradigm of statecraft requires a new idea of “politics,” in which citizens elevate the quality of their thinking to a new level. Zepp-LaRouche said that Schiller provides the means for achieving this, in his Aesthetical Letters, in which he argues that, “true political freedom is the highest form of art.”

In the battles at hand and ahead—including that of reversing the vote fraud and theft of the 2020 election, and defending the ideals of a constitutional republic—citizens are required to come to distinguish between the real enemies of the United States, centered in the City of London, and potential allies of the United States, such as Russia and China.

One clear manifestation of the enemy, is the drive for the green finance bankers’ dictatorship. These networks are working overtime—led on by such infamous fiends as Mark Carney, Sir Michael Bloomberg, George Soros, and the Big Tech Big Names to cut power generation, to cut inputs into farming, to cut infrastructure, to cut space exploration, and cut health care even during the pandemic, in other words, to cut the means to life and the future. A public grandstand for this evil will be held Jan. 25-29, 2021 by the World Economic Forum in a virtual world conference titled, “The Davos Agenda,” to promote a global economic “reset” to force hard “choices” on people to go green. The Gorey details are not yet public, but the intent continues the “Great Reset” proposed by Prince Charles and the WEF in June 2020, to use the excuse of rebuilding after the pandemic to further their zero-carbon destruction.

This can be stopped in its tracks, by the initiative of nations collaborating for the purpose of the common good of mankind—in combatting the pandemic, in providing food for all, in advancing science and technology, and credit for development, which in turn depends on citizen initiative to think that way and make it happen. Zepp-LaRouche urged, as we go into the New Year, the study of the masters on this—Shakespeare, the authors of the Federalist Papers, Leibniz and more, as well as Schiller, and, of course, Lyndon LaRouche. As we continue to celebrate the great Ludwig van Beethoven, now is the time to “Think Like Beethoven.”

Ten years ago during Christmas week, LaRouche himself issued what he titled, “My Christmas Greeting” (Dec. 25, 2010). He raised specific policy measures which were urgent then, and in fact, crucial now, to make happen, given the 2007-2009 financial blow-out and lack of solution. But he, too, put the focus on the individual citizen to rise to the occasion, by uplifting their own thinking and taking responsibility. In particular, he called for reinstating Glass-Steagall banking regulation against the City of London/Wall Street usurers, and for launching infrastructure-building, in particular the North American Water and Power Alliance.

LaRouche wrote,

“It is Christmas in a year in which all nations which are part of the continents on both sides of the Atlantic ocean, now, like those of other divisions, share the most terrible threat to nations and their peoples which has been known since that last great holocaust of Europe in a time known today as the fourteenth-century ‘New Dark Age,’ a holocaust of evil which wiped out Europe of a fairly estimated one-third of its population. Today, Christians will pray that this new dark age be taken away, but is mankind a mere animal who lacks that unifying power of creative will, to act to remove the evil of usury which none but that mankind itself has brought upon itself? A people which will not act to remove this evil, therefore brings evil, by its own choice, upon itself.

“We must act now, to wipe away that monstrous cancer of torture and death of billions of human beings on this planet, an evil presently escalating throughout this planet. In past centuries men and women spoke of ejecting the money-changers from the temple; today it must be the ejection of the usurers from the institutions of the world’s governments....

“Do you wish to pray? Then, pray that the cowardice be removed from within yourselves, that you might rise to make that happen which must be done. Remove the Hellish grip of a vast, global holocaust of usury from our suffering world.”

See “Resolution for a Worldwide Resistance to Global Fascism—Stop the Central Bank Takeover.”

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