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Media Prepare the Population for World War III—This Disease Must Be Inoculated with Beauty

Dec. 27, 2020 (EIRNS)—The pace of the information warfare against the American people, to prepare them for the acceptance of a genocidal war with Russia and China, has reached a fever pitch. Mark Levin’s Fox News program Saturday night featured former Acting Director of National Intelligence Richard Grenell and the Hudson Institute’s resident China basher Michael Pillsbury, while CNN featured the neocons’ favorite anti-Russia wacko Garry Kasparov.

Both Grenell and Pillsbury, as well as host Levin, insisted that China is out to take over the world and “write the rules” for mankind. Grenell fantasized that the Belt and Road Initiative (BRI) “is a phony—more and more countries are recognizing that it is a fake.” In fact, nearly 150 countries have joined the Belt and Road, intent on breaking out of poverty as China has done through infrastructure and industry, denied them under the IMF regime as “inappropriate for their stage of development.” Pillsbury added: “It is true that China lifted 600 million people out of poverty, but people understand that they are out to surpass us and create a world where they write the rules.” He called for an anti-China alliance like NATO.

As for Kasparov, after retailing all the unsubstantiated charges against Putin and Russia, he declares that any “engagement” with Putin, or with Xi Jinping, is “appeasement by another name,” concluding:

“Russia must be ejected from the international institutions it alternately exploits and ignores.... It must be made clear that there can be no normalization until Putin is gone. As President-elect Joe Biden gears up to enter the White House, he should make a strong statement that the United States is ready once again to lead the free world and will no longer tolerate Russia’s actions—unlike his predecessor.”

This is a disease of the mind, a remnant of the British Empire’s geopolitics, to justify continued domination of the world economy by the City of London and Wall Street despite the fact that the entire trans-Atlantic financial empire is bankrupt, and despite the fact that the non-Asian world is suffering an uncontrolled pandemic, and a famine sweeping through Africa, which cry out for international cooperation.

On Saturday, Helga Zepp-LaRouche, the founder and chairwoman of the Schiller Institute, in discussing the “Beethoven Year” celebrating the 250th anniversary of his birth, said: “Beethoven is really the most important medicine for all kinds of illnesses. First of all, he has the most powerful, creative, beautiful mind in music, for sure, you can imagine. ... Also he was very anti-oligarchical.” She told the famous story of Beethoven refusing to bow to the royalty, adding:

“I think that attitude of anti-oligarchism is also present in the music of Beethoven, and naturally it was the attitude of Schiller in everything he wrote. So I think it is very important that we, in difficult times like this, resort to those means which can make us better people, or help us to struggle to become better people, and to think aesthetically more beautifully, to elevate our thinking, to think in terms of flanks.”

She proposed that the Beethoven Year should be extended,

“until all people are lifted up to think on the level of Beethoven, whatever time that takes—hopefully not so long—but I think that that is the aim. Because we want to uplift the whole world to become truly human. And that is what Beethoven represents.”

It is shocking, but not surprising, that the magazine of Britain’s University of Cambridge, Varsity, published an article this week titled “Is It Time To Cancel Beethoven?” quoting one “feminist musicologist” Susan McClary describing the recapitulation in Beethoven’s Ninth Symphony as “the throttling murderous rage of a rapist incapable of attaining release,” and suggesting that his music was somehow responsible for the Third Reich.

The battle facing the human race today is unprecedented, perhaps only comparable to the 14th-15th century Hundred Years War and the Black Death. The team that took America into the endless wars under Bush and Obama may return to power in the New Year, barring President Donald Trump’s effort to expose the massive vote fraud in the presidential election. Trump recently fired the war party leaders at the Pentagon, but has tolerated the same war party within his cabinet, in the persons of Mike Pompeo, Christopher Wray, and others. His intense commitment to making the U.S. a friend of Russia and of China during the first years of his presidency is now more important than ever, and could be renewed, now, by inviting Vladimir Putin and Xi Jinping to a summit, to address the current crisis of humanity.

A new organization, called simply The LaRouche Organization, has been created over Christmas week, to inspire people everywhere to be, as Friedrich Schiller said, both a patriot of one’s nation and a citizen of the world. See https://laroucheorganization.nationbuilder.com/. Political freedom, Schiller said, is only achievable through beauty, through aesthetic education. In this year of Beethoven, let us fight for that true political freedom, for all mankind, as the urgent necessity for the New Year.

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