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Prince Charles Soon To Rule—in the United States?

Dec. 28, 2020 (EIRNS)—The economic legislation President Donald Trump refused to sign until Sunday night was in fact “a disgrace” in a way the President—whose important speeches are now boldly blacked out by the media—did not make clear to the American people. The inclusion of the outlines of the “Green New Deal” in the Fiscal 2021 budget, complete with a “zero carbon” pledge as ordered by British central banker Mark Carney; the sudden claim of the Federal Reserve chair that the worse-than-worthless Fed has a “climate change” mandate; these are indeed travesties.

President Trump’s solitary but strong opposition to the deadly Paris Climate Accord—along with his sins against London geopolitics and war policy—led to the ongoing coup against him. Had he been able to run his re-election campaign against the “Green New Deal,” as he enthusiastically intended to do, the resulting national debate could have organized Americans against that kind of economic death—and opened up popular discussion of how to rebuild the deindustrialized economy. But the election campaign was swallowed up in the pandemic and racial issues, a campaign in which the entire national media slandered and fought the President while the Democratic candidate hid, concealing his commitment to the “Great Reset” and Green New Deal behind a plagiarized British slogan, “Build Back Better.”

Whose is the “Great Reset”? Britain’s Charles, Prince of Wales and Duke of Davos, leader of “Green Horizon Summits” and partner/mentor of Mark Carney and Sir Michael Bloomberg in running “green finance.” Who first created a “green deal” and a Green Party, 15 years ago? The same radical eco-Prince, whose royal family has for decades wished for a reduction, a culling of the human population. For his anti-production, anti-population initiatives, Carney and Bloomberg now head committees of the biggest central banks, ordering companies and funds to stop producing or investing in anything carbon, from energy sources to fertilizers to petrochemicals.

What is the Green New Deal (European “Green Deal”) but the final completion of 50 years of deindustrialization, during which the United States and most European economic powers have lost their machine-tool industries and all their advanced productive capacities except electric power and energy, and agriculture. Now those are to be forced back in time to windmills and sun mirrors, unstable electric grids, farming without chemical fertilizer or livestock, to “save the planet” by the sacrifice of large numbers of the human population.

What are the developing countries, many of which still have half their population with no reliable electricity at all, supposed to do with coal and oil investment shut down by Charles and Carney’s gang of central bankers, and no funding for nuclear power? The United States and European nations themselves will lose reliable power, and high-technology agriculture. The COVID pandemic has already hit food production and distribution and spread famine.

And the nuclear power sources that NASA is developing for fast space propulsion and power on the Moon and Mars? Will we let those shut down?

That the Congress overwhelmingly incorporated the “zero carbon” target into a federal budget, and the Fed defied the President by joining Carney’s Network for Greening the Financial System, tells citizens that it is now up to them to mobilize to stop this. Some will have to lead as citizen-candidates who fight for the most advanced technologies of energy, industry and space exploration.

These huge banks in the City of London and Wall Street themselves must be broken up in the process to make them serve national purposes, by a Glass-Steagall Act and by nationalizing the central banks, including the Federal Reserve. And Lyndon LaRouche always advised: The United States and other nations which reject this economic suicide—particularly China, Russia, India—will have to collaborate to defeat it.

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