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China Slams U.K. Delusion about Coronavirus ‘Herd Immunity’ as ‘Extremely Irresponsible’

March 15, 2020 (EIRNS)—The Chinese response, as expressed in the Global Times, to the U.K.’s Chief Scientific Adviser Sir Patrick Vallance, who said the U.K. should allow two-thirds of the population to be infected by the novel coronavirus in order for the population to build up a “herd immunity,” is one of disgust. A Global Times article today said this policy

“has sparked outrage not only in Britain but also in China, as the latter paid a heavy price to bring the epidemic under control. Such a laissez-faire mindset and lax measures are considered extremely irresponsible and risk causing a rebound in China due to the growing number of imported infections, prompting some to call for a ban on flights from countries like the U.K. and stricter customs entry measures to be adopted.”

The authors Chen Qingqing and Leng Shumei quote Seema Yasmin, a clinical assistant professor at Stanford University, who said in a tweet that letting the virus spread to 60% of the population in the U.K. actually means “39.6 million infected, 2 million critically ill and 277,000 deaths.”

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