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Mark Carney Dictates, after COVID, Public Values Supersede Private Values—or, Climate Change über Alles

April 20, 2020 (EIRNS)—Mark Carney, now the UN Special Envoy for Climate Action and Finance (after five years as governor of the Bank of Canada, seven as governor of the Bank of England, seven years as head of the BIS Financial Stability Board, years as head of the planning committee for the World Economic Forum), has again stated his open intention to impose de-industrialization and genocide on the world under the guise of climate change. In an article in The Economist dated April 16, Carney posed a pathetic academic construct on the impact of the pandemic, writing that “the traditional drivers of value have been shaken, new ones will gain prominence, and there’s a possibility that the gulf between what markets value and what people value will close.”

And what do “the people” value, in the imagination of the Goldman Sachs-trained spokesman for the British Empire? Stopping climate change.

Carney mourns the imminent demise of “globalization” (the Empire’s recent euphemism for colonialism): “[T]he crisis is likely to accelerate the fragmentation of the global economy. Until a vaccine has been found and widely applied, travel restrictions will remain. Even afterwards, local resilience will be prized over global efficiency.” He also states that the massive debt being pumped into companies through the stimulus will “increase the riskiness of the underlying equity and weigh on the capacity for growth.”

His conclusion—in keeping with his cooperation with Michael Bloomberg to cut off credit to companies that have too much “carbon footprint”—is that the world must come together to stop industrial development:

“All this amounts to a test of stakeholder capitalism.... After the COVID crisis, it’s reasonable to expect people to demand improvements in the quality and coverage of social support and medical care, greater attention to be paid to managing tail risks [a term only used by market gamblers—ed.], and more heed to be given to the advice of scientific experts [meaning the computer modelers who create fake climate-change predictions—ed]. The great test of whether this new hierarchy of values will prevail is climate change. After all, climate change is an issue that (i) involves the entire world, from which no one will be able to self-isolate; (ii) is predicted by science to be the central risk tomorrow; and (iii) we can only address if we act in advance and in solidarity.”

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