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Helga Zepp-LaRouche: The Capitol Assault Was Another 9/11

Jan. 9 , 2021 (EIRNS)—Helga Zepp-LaRouche today, speaking on The LaRouche Organization weekly Manhattan Project webcast, described how the orchestrated assault on the Capitol Building in Washington on Wednesday, Jan. 6, was another 9/11, intended to justify fascist dictatorship in the United States by the incoming Biden Administration, turning power over to the central bankers’ Green finance destruction of industry and agriculture.

Helga Zepp-LaRouche: Good day! Of the many extraordinary things my late husband, Lyndon LaRouche, will be remembered for, by everyone who met him, and had the privilege to work with him, is that he had one incredible ability, and that was to [analyze events in the context of] new historical development. I have in memory many times when something new happened, some new incident, some murder, some clash, some mass strike, some phenomenon, and everybody would look puzzled, and say “What is this? This is totally unexpected,” and he would just give it a concept and a name, and then afterwards everyone would say, “Oh yeah, now I can see it. That’s exactly what it is.”

I think we are in such a situation. I think we are, with the developments of Jan. 6th, we have experienced one of those extraordinary turning points which, if we do not give it the right interpretation, we cannot come up with the right conclusions for what to do. So, we will try this evening to apply that method [of Lyndon LaRouche’s], because what happened is incredible: It’s a huge danger, and I think the danger is much bigger than the ordinary citizen suspects. What happened on Jan. 6th was the beginning of a new, global fascist danger. It can lead to an incredible strategic escalation with Russia, with China—but it can also open up something which can be defined as a solution. But first we have to identify exactly what happened.

I was watching the YouTube channel of the session of the Joint Session of Congress, because I wanted to get a live impression. And as I was watching, shortly after 2 o’clock, the camera shifted from the session inside the hall where the hearing was taking place, to the entrance of the Congress. I recognized this place immediately, because I went through there many times. I remembered the magnetometer, and I could see how many people with MAGA hats and other T-shirts pro-Trump, marched in relatively peaceful, quietly, almost joking. There were some policemen standing by, not doing anything—and it looked completely odd. And as the development unfolded, this roaming around and ransacking of a few hundred people, and it lasted almost two hours: I was completely puzzled, as was everybody else who watched this. Why was there no security? How did these people get through in the first place? Why were they allowed to roam the hallways of the Congress for such a long time?

Then, as the coverage continued, one could hear the most important relevant government politicians were brought into safety. One could hear that gas masks were distributed, and tear gas was used inside the building. In any case, step by step, the enormity of this whole affair became very clear. Immediately, you had Chuck Schumer, the Senator from New York, saying this is a desecration of the temple of democracy, and he and others like Pelosi and so forth immediately said, “Now, we have to have the 25th Amendment. Trump cannot stay one day longer in his position.” Remember, Schumer was the person who had threatened President Trump at the beginning of his time in office, saying don’t mess with the intelligence community, “they have six ways from Sunday to get back at you”; which was a clear threat.

Immediately, you had Pelosi, Ben Rhodes, Michael McFaul, the former U.S. Ambassador to Moscow, not only demanding the 25th Amendment or the impeachment—if the 25th Amendment would not be implemented, then impeachment by Congress. But they also all started to say this is to the benefit of Putin, this is a gift by Trump to Putin. This is really extremely ominous. What has Putin to do with this affair? The fact that they all would mention that, points to another dimension of this crisis, and I will come to discussing this in a second.

The first question one has to ask oneself is the cui bono? Does that breaching of the security at the Capitol help Trump in any way? Does it make any sense that the people who are Trump supporters would do that? Well, let’s look at Jan, 6th. It was clear before that some major demonstrations and possibly also violence would happen. It was also clear that Jan. 6th—and Trump had said this to his supporters many times: Look, come to Washington, this will be a big day. And Jan. 6th was the only day where there was a chance that the truth about the irregularities in the six swing states, possible vote fraud, could be presented in front of the two houses of Congress, the American population, and the world public. Because up to that point, any effort to create any kind of publicity about it was completely denied by the media, which said there is not one shred of evidence, this is all just made up by Trump, vote fraud did not exist.

Then, in alphabetical order, the different complaints against irregularities in the different states were supposed to be presented. And relatively at the very beginning, namely, when Arizona was discussed, this breach of security occurred and the whole process stopped. So immediately, naturally, the narrative went out that Trump was supposedly the author of that. It is true that Trump, at the rally before the hearings started, had made a speech in which he presented—one could say with a certain bitter tone—all the many incidents which had previously been discussed in Pennsylvania, in Georgia, in the other states. And it is true that he then after he was finished with his speech, said, “Let’s walk down Pennsylvania Avenue in the direction of the Capitol.” Then, the question is, did he incite his followers to do that, or was that actually a disruption of what would have been a peaceful, powerful demonstration of the representatives of the 75 million voters who voted for Trump?

There are now many video clips circulated from cell phones, from other video cameras, there are eyewitness reports of people who participated in the rally. And they all report a whole pattern of events. Namely, there were, for example, at one part of the outer perimeters of the Capitol, men dressed in black, hammering away at a door or a window, and very clearly a group of other men blocking the people behind to try to stop these men, or to have any access to them. It was very clearly a pattern where you see a group of men blocking and giving protection to those who committed the violence. There are other reports that all of a sudden, in a relatively calm and peaceful demonstration, groups of men appeared, who started to shout slogans like “Let’s burn down the place!” And they tried to incite some of the bystanders to follow them. There were also reports that some people were egged on, but many not. So, what is very clear is that there is a whole pattern of people reporting strange vans coming with people dressed in black, or dressed in Trump shirts and MAGA hats. But there were outside elements coming into the demonstration, playing the role of provocateurs.

That is something which obviously will be investigated, because five people died in the course of these events. Many people were arrested; many pictures were taken. But what all of this points to is the famous third force: That something happened, what Nelson Mandela, in the context of the tribal tensions in South Africa, was attributed by him to a so-called “third force” which wanted to discredit the ANC [African National Congress] at the time in order to impose their political will. Exactly the same MO happened in the coup in Kiev in 2014. If you remember the demonstrations in the Maidan, which started at the end of November, escalated into January, February. Then around Feb. 22, you had the coup, where all of a sudden the Nazis of the Bandera tradition, but it then turned out there were sharpshooters who had fired on both sides, on the demonstrators and on the police. There is a very high suspicion that something like that occurred, because one big question, which many people are asking now, and which has to be investigated is, why was there no adequate security? It was clear that this would be the big day of the Trump supporters, of Trump. There were tons of articles on Jan. 4th and Jan. 5th, which say there will probably also be violent demonstrations, one cannot exclude it.

Nothing was done. The police were not well-equipped; the National Guard were there, but they were only called in by the mayor for traffic control. Normally, when you have some major event in Washington, they close down everything—the museums, the public buildings. Nothing of this sort had occurred, and the Capitol Police were clearly under-equipped to deal with that.

Now that all needs to be investigated, and the chain of command must be clarified. But there are many comments. For example, Chinese and Russian media are saying, with a certain amount of schadenfreude one can say, now the United States is getting a mild dose of the medicine they have administered to other countries, like Ukraine in 2004 and 2014; Serbia in 2000; other countries, Georgia; Belarus; the Arab Spring; all the color revolution efforts against Venezuela. But I think that is taking it too short. Because that somehow does not make the necessary distinction between the people who have been involved in the coup against Trump from 2015 onward; the collusion with British intelligence, which the evidence has been produced but not published, unfortunately, in time. But it is also very clear that the evidence will be produced. The only person who said something quite in the right direction was, interestingly, Mikhail Gorbachev, who said that the whole operation was clearly preplanned, and that the string-pullers will become obvious very soon.

I think if you think about this affair, it is not Trump trying to make a coup against Biden, or Trump being responsible for this violence, as if mentioning the fact that there was vote fraud—for which there are thousands of eyewitnesses; there are many state legislators who even spoke at our different events. So there is no question that there was vote fraud. But the narrative which they are now trying to knit together is that the moment you speak the words “vote fraud,” then this is fake news and this must be banned: And this is what happened. Twitter banned Trump’s account, and in the meantime, it has been made indefinite. All the other social media want to ban Trump.

So, something else is going on here.

I would think that it reminds you much more of 9/11. I want to take it back to what Lyndon LaRouche said on Jan. 3, 2001, where he had an absolutely prescient, really prophetic recognition of what would happen. He said—this was three weeks before the George W. Bush Administration came into office—he said that he was convinced that they would go for some form of a Reichstagsbrand, a Reichstag Fire, because they would be confronted with difficulties in the financial system that they would not have an answer to, and therefore they would instigate a Reichstag Fire.

That was three weeks before Bush came into the White House, and nine months before Sept. 11. It just happened to be that on Sept. 11, my husband was giving a live radio interview to a program in Utah—this was around 9 o’clock in the morning—and when the attack on the World Trade Center happened, somebody put a piece of paper in front of him and said, this just happened. And without access to any books or files or other resources, he immediately said, “This could not have happened without the complicity of rogue elements of the U.S. security apparatus.” And he said that with the full authority of being the author of the SDI, the Strategic Defense Initiative, which was implemented—if people remember—by President Reagan on the March 23rd, 1983. He had done extensive studies about NORAD, about security measures. So, he immediately said, you can not do that—especially when it became clear that it was four planes, including an attack on the Pentagon—without such complicity, simply because the security apparatus and measures in place would not allow that. So, he also immediately, later elaborating that in writings, said it’s not just the incident as such; but it has a strategic dimension, including the fact that this was an attack on the Pentagon, the danger of some thermonuclear war. He even praised President Bush to a certain extent, because he did get on the phone with Putin at the time, and that obviously helped to get a certain amount of control in the situation.

I think what the 9/11 attack did accomplish was, it gave the pretext for the Patriot Act. And I think many Americans remember the horror, the days of uncertainty, of what was the significance of this. People had all their yellow ribbons, and it was a period of shock. But, it was the period when the Patriot Act was implemented, and the worldwide surveillance really got going by the NSA, of the GCHQ (the British equivalent of the NSA), and all the limitations on civil rights, which followed at that time.

And I think what happened on Jan. 6th is something like that, but in one sense much bigger: Because immediately you have the censorship of the President of the United States. That had already happened after Nov. 3rd, when Trump said that there was reason to believe that there was vote fraud. You remember that the CEOs of the main TV stations started to just cut in the press conference of the President of the United States, as if he would be some little dictator in a banana republic, and they would say, “we disagree with what the President just said.” So, the censorship started there. But after this incident on Wednesday, all the Big Tech, mega-giant IT firms thought that they are more important than the elected President of the United States, who is still the sitting President. And now, they have imposed a banning of any access of Trump to social media.

This is enormous! People should think twice. I know there are some people who probably think, “Oh, that’s a good thing! We didn’t like Trump in the first place.” But look at what President López Obrador from Mexico said in a press conference, Friday. He said, “This is very, very bad. I think we are looking at the danger of a global dictatorship. I think we have to think about alternative options, and this is like the Holy Inquisition. This is the danger of a global dictatorship.”

And I think that is exactly what we are looking at, because if you think that of all people, Michelle Obama was calling on Silicon Valley to make sure that Trump would never again have access to social media; this is incredible. Obviously, one person who got immediately the significance of what that means, is Edward Snowden, who said people should be extremely wary of this, because if they can do this to Trump, the danger is they will do this to everybody. This is the beginning of a complete censorship, (and these are now my words), they want to quiet down all opposition to the present policies of the establishment.

Why would they want to do that? Lyndon LaRouche, on the Jan. 3rd 2001, said that the Bush Administration would plan a Reichstag Fire kind of operation, because they would have to deal with problems of the financial system that they could not manage. I think this is exactly what is now at stake, just much, much bigger: Because we are sitting on the top of a systemic crisis, bankruptcy of the present trans-Atlantic financial system. Remember that after the collapse of 2008, nothing of the fundamentals was changed; they just kept pouring money through quantitative easing, through the injection of trillions of dollars, which did only one thing: It increased the wealth of the speculators, of the upper 1% of the trans-Atlantic establishment. But it impoverished the middle class, it made the poor poorer. And this is the situation which has led, among other things, to the election of Trump; it has led to the Brexit; it has led to an increasing distrust of the mass of the population with the so-called leadership.

What they have in store now, and that is what Biden is part of—the Green Deal. They plan, and you will see that from Jan. 25-29, where the World Economic Forum is planning a series of events to announce big-time the so-called “Great Reset.” And what this is all about, under the pretext of restructuring the economy in the post-pandemic era—which we are very far away from, as people may have noticed, because the pandemic is pretty much out of control in many places—to then go for a greening of the economy to basically impose a dictatorship by the central banks, whereby investment would only go into decarbonization, green energy, green industry. This will destroy the United States and European nations as industrial nations, because it will lower the energy-flux density in the production process. It will destroy industry, and it will increase the war danger. Why? Because the present campaign against China, against Russia, is only because of geopolitical reasons, because the Western establishment is not willing to recognize that it is their policies which led to the present crisis. And they blame China, in particular, for everything. But the rise of China has nothing to do with the failure of the neoliberal system.

When the West is implementing policies which will lead to even more destruction of industry, and China is happily dealing with the COVID crisis, and did much better restarting the economy than the West did, it increases the war danger. The fact that immediately Pelosi and all these other people were screaming “Putin! Putin!” and you have the anti-China campaign, which means this is the danger of war. Because you do not make such accusations which are not founded, without wanting to create an enemy image, as a preparation for war.

So, that is the situation. I think we are looking at the danger of a new fascism. Fascism in the tradition of Hjalmar Schacht. That kind of austerity with the added Green element—Hitler was Green also, by the way. But it is a danger of a new fascism with total censorship, with total Goebbels kind of control of the media. Any person who loves freedom, who loves the Constitution, who thinks civil liberties and civil rights were something which mankind had to fight for in many fights over the centuries, this is a call for action. People have to be mobilized and recognize this for what it is.

Now, there is a solution. This solution has been developed by Lyndon LaRouche over many years: The only way you can solve this problem is, you have to address the fundamental reason why all of this is happening. That is the collapse of the present neoliberal financial system. It has to be replaced with a New Bretton Woods system, exactly as Franklin D Roosevelt had intended it to be—it never became that, because Roosevelt died at a bad moment—but Roosevelt had intended the Bretton Woods to be a system where credit would be given to overcome the under-development of the developing countries, and increase the living standard of every living human being on the planet.

That still is the solution. The invitation to go for the New Bretton Woods new financial credit system is absolutely on the table. The Four Laws of Lyndon LaRouche: Glass-Steagall; global banking separation in the tradition of Roosevelt’s Glass-Steagall must be implemented now. You need a Hamiltonian national banking system; and you need especially an increase in productivity through international cooperation in crash programs for thermonuclear fusion energy, which has come much closer in the recent period. And also international cooperation in space research and travel. Now that must be put on the agenda. President Putin has called for a summit of the five permanent members of the UN Security Council. That should still be addressed as long as President Trump can pick up the telephone, call up Xi Jinping, call up Macron, call up Putin. And this should be scheduled on an emergency basis. I know it sounds like a very unlikely thing this late in the day, but if you are in such a situation, you have to do unbelievable things as an answer.

I also think it is a call for all the citizens around the world to understand what the danger is: To start to mobilize for such a solution. To cooperate with China on the Belt and Road Initiative for the industrialization of Africa, to fight the famine, which is gigantic. To fight the pandemic, to make sure that every single country on this planet has a modern health system, which can only be accomplished if Russia, China, India, the United States, Germany, Japan, South Korea, all the major industrial countries are working together. The requirements are so big that no country alone can do it, nor even a group of countries, but we have to put together all the industrial capacities of the entire world to solve the problems which are threatening all of humanity.

I’m calling on you to help us in this mobilization, because this is a very serious moment, and we have no time to lose.

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