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EIR’s Dennis Small Briefs Mexico’s Daniel Marmolejo on Strategic Significance of U.S. Capitol Assault

Jan. 10 , 2021 (EIRNS)—Daniel Marmolejo, the Mexican journalist who is frequently called on by Mexican President Andrés Manuel López Obrador at his early morning “Mañanera” press conferences, last night dedicated the first hour-plus of his “Incorruptibles” YouTube program to a lengthy interview with EIR’s Dennis Small on the strategic significance of the Jan. 6 breach of the U.S. Capitol by well-organized provocateurs, and the subsequent campaign of Facebook and other social media to silence all opposition to the City of London’s “Great Reset” policies.

On Jan. 8, Marmolejo had asked President López Obrador a question at the “Mañanera” about the U.S. “information blackout” by Facebook and others, which led to a sharp criticism by the Mexican President of a “new Holy Inquisition” to “create a world government.” A three-minute video excerpt of that exchange, with English subtitles, was broadcast by The LaRouche Organization as part of its Jan. 9 webcast of the LaRouche Manhattan Project Meeting. That video excerpt is posted to “New Developments” page.

The interview with Small covered a wide range of topics, ranging from who was actually behind the Capitol assault (a British-run Reichstag Fire or 9/11-style provocation); to what their policy objective is (Green Great Reset and global depopulation); to LaRouche’s policy solutions (U.S.-China-Russia cooperation for bankruptcy reorganization of the trans-Atlantic financial system, and to launch global development around the World Land-Bridge). Small also elaborated on this idea with a detailed proposal for U.S.-Mexico-China cooperation to “kick over the chessboard” in the region, and he also discussed how the exoneration of Lyndon LaRouche was still an option on Trump’s desk that could similarly up-end London’s strategic plans.

Marmolejo has about 75,000 subscribers to his YouTube channel, which is closely followed in Mexican political circles; the Small interview had over 9,000 views 24-hours later, along with extensive positive comments in the chat column.

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