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We Can Win the Fight Against Fascism—Defeat What Drives It

Jan. 15 , 2021 (EIRNS)—What would life under the Inquisition have been like, if that unholy office had the power currently concentrated in the hands of tech monopolies Facebook, Amazon, Twitter, Apple, and Google?

President Donald Trump has been nearly universally deplatformed, an act the Russian Foreign Ministry spokeswoman has compared to a nuclear explosion. The British continue the torture of Julian Assange, caged in a high-security British prison. Edward Snowden, who blew the whistle on widespread, unconstitutional mass surveillance, remains trapped in Russia. The legacy of Lyndon LaRouche, for half a century the leading political fighter in the United States, has been subjected to an infamous campaign of calumny and an official blackout by the legacy media.

Now, one of the only platforms on which Trump’s views could still be freely expressed, Parler, was itself booted by Google and Apple from their app stores, and then exiled from the internet itself by Amazon, on whose board of directors serves the former head of the National Security Agency. Gab, another free-speech social media platform, has had its payments blocked by Visa. The New York Times has begun to take aim at secure messaging platforms Signal and Telegram. Will privacy itself become illegal? The Associated Press has discovered an alarming loophole allowing “extremists” to commit the thought-crime of bypassing “moderation”: podcasts.

There is no toleration of lèse-majesté in the kingdom of Big Tech, whose rule the President of Mexico has likened to the Inquisition itself, in his statements organizing his government to coordinate an international response for free expression.

But perhaps you’d like to avoid electronic communications altogether? To meet and discuss in person? Not exactly easy these days ... and if you do, will you be considered a domestic “terrorist,” subject to the horrendous new laws now under discussion, which could be passed—almost as quickly as the disgraceful snap impeachment of President Trump in the House of Representatives—in a state of amplified terror, designed to echo within the site of what has ludicrously been called an attempted coup, the Capitol, and reinforced by the fortifications erected around the central government buildings of Washington, D.C.?

Why is all of this happening? Because Trump gave a speech in Washington, a speech that the President was concluding at the time the attack on the Capitol—a mile and a half away—began? No!

Neither does this crush of dictatorial measures, shocking to the conscience, come from a “Socialist” takeover of the United States, social justice warriors run amok, or Democrats eager to settle a political score with President Trump. No way. The stakes are much higher!

What menaces us is nothing less than the greatest of attempted insurrections, a coup against national sovereignty itself, and the basis of the legitimacy of government as promoting the general welfare. We are facing what Lyndon LaRouche referred to as a “slime-mold” representing the interests and outlook of a financial-intelligence-technology oligarchy—previously centered in the imperial-financial capitals of Rome, Venice, and the Anglo-Dutch Empire—now centered in the City of London, Wall Street, Silicon Valley, and the Five Eyes intelligence agencies.

Confronted with the breakdown of the trans-Atlantic financial system, which has reached an inflection point in drawing down the physical investments of decades past, this slime-mold seeks not a recovery, not an honest effort to “Build Back Better,” but a dictatorship of the central banks, in which national sovereignty through elected government, human progress, and even scientific advancement itself will all be swept aside in the name of combatting the purportedly awesome threat of catastrophic climate change, driven by what the Greens consider the greatest of ills: the growth of the human population and advancing living standards. They lie that resources are a fixed bounty of Nature, whom we anger by pillaging her riches. Nonsense! Human beings create their resources, through the cognitive power of our minds—developing knowledge judged on the basis of Socratic, universal human reason, not the spectral qualities of an individual’s skin-coating.

This slime-mold intends to use doddering Joe Biden and incarceration-happy Kamala Harris to put the U.S. on a path of green death, of solar power instead of recreating Sol’s power itself through controlled nuclear fusion, of geopolitical conflict to prevent the world from adopting a new paradigm, led by China’s astonishing economic success and Russia’s global independence, and of cultural decay through shattering the universality of human reason into destructive shards of identity politics.

Against these efforts, The LaRouche Organization stands for the total destruction of the oligarchical outlook that has plagued humanity for millennia, and the creation of a paradigm of economics and international relationships—developed by Lyndon and Helga LaRouche—based on using more power, at higher densities, and developing new resources to lift all human beings out of poverty, into a future world where we can achieve a shared satisfaction in lifting the veil on the mysteries of the vastness of space, the minute intricacies of the atom, and the sublime beauty of classical art.

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