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New FBI-DHS Memo Portrays China, Russia and Iran as ‘Exploiting Jan. 6 Riot’

Jan. 17 , 2021 (EIRNS)—A Jan. 14 intelligence memo, produced by the FBI and Department of Homeland Security, claims that Russia, China and Iran are attempting to exploit the Jan. 6 riots to incite tensions and further divisions in the United States, through these state actors’ media and other means, reported “CyperScoop” website in a Jan. 16 article, titled “Russia, Iran and China Exploit Capitol Hill Riot To Push Information Operations, U.S. Intel Concludes.”

The reported memo surfaced one week before Joe Biden is scheduled to take office as President, in which the British Empire’s agenda is escalating confrontation between the United States, and China, Russia, and Iran, and establishing a worldwide bankers’ dictatorship under green finance.

CyberScoop states, “as America reels from the deadly Capitol Hill insurrection, Russia, Iran and China are using their state media mouthpieces to exploit U.S. divisions and further their interests ahead of Joe Biden’s inauguration, according to a new U.S. intelligence analysis obtained by CyberScoop.”

The purpose of the memo is ostensibly “threat assessment.” CyberScoop writes that, “the memo, which CNN first reported on Friday, says there is no evidence of credible or specific threats coming from those foreign actors.” But the memo then lashes out at China. CyberScoop reports, “Chinese media, meanwhile, has used the Capitol Hill siege to ‘denigrate U.S. democratic governance,’ portray the U.S. as power in decline and justify China’s crackdown on pro-democracy demonstrations in Hong Kong, according to the ‘joint threat assessment,’ as the document is titled.”

This appears to be a project from the FBI, and the British-American intelligence agencies to attempt to steer the Biden Administration into a showdown mode.

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