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1776 Commission Report: Let’s Have a Culture War

Jan. 19 , 2021 (EIRNS)—The “President’s Advisory 1776 Commission,” set up by the Trump Administration, released a 45-page report today. The Commission was established to counter the New York Times-initiated 1619 hoax, which is teaching American children that the nation was not founded on the Declaration of Independence in 1776, but on the basis of the slavery introduced into the colonies by the British Empire in 1619. Had the Commission provided a basis for the United States to return to its roots by restoring the American System of Hamiltonian economics, it would have provided a foundation for uniting the country by means of “peace through development,” and ending the “culture wars” launched by the British and American intelligence communities, to facilitate the America’s return to a colonial status under the British “Green Finance” dictatorship.

Not surprisingly, the report did no such thing. Economics is not mentioned. While praising the natural rights of man stated in the Declaration—that all men are created equal and that governments serve at the consent of the governed—and denouncing the “identity politics” as racist and counter to these concepts, they offer no alternative, no “peace through development” means to provide for the general welfare through economic progress. The authors go so far as to assert that the Civil Rights Movement essentially achieved its purpose with Martin Luther King, as if his “I Have a Dream” speech of a society based on equality and character had already been achieved. After King, they write, “The Civil Rights Movement was almost immediately turned to programs that ran counter to the lofty ideals of the founders.” The implication that the “affirmative action” policies—granting special conditions in jobs and education to minorities and women—were inherently racist, simply denies that there is a problem of inequality in employment and education. While affirmative action will never resolve inequalities, without posing a new paradigm based on growth and development meeting the needs of all members of society, simply denouncing affirmative action can only feed into the spin of those who push identity politics for the purpose of destroying the nation. The British are smiling.

This is to be expected by looking at who wrote the report. The Chairman of the Commission was Larry Arnn. As Stanley Ezrol reported EIR on Jan. 15, in his article, “The 1776 Commission that Trump Ordered To Preserve America’s Revolutionary Heritage Is Committed To Crush It,” Arnn published a book titled, Churchill’s Trial: Winston Churchill and the Salvation of Free Government.

Ezrol wrote, “He is now the head of Hillsdale College’s ‘Churchill Project,’ as well as president of the college for the last 20 years. Arnn has high praise for Churchill’s relationship with President Harry Truman, including the famous ‘Iron Curtain’ speech that Truman had arranged for him.” This was the speech in which Churchill mandated the “Special Relationship” between the U.S. and the U.K., under the puppet presidency of Truman. Gone was FDR’s intention of ending the British Empire, building the former colonies with American System methods. Indeed, the U.S. was called upon to join the Empire, and, increasingly over the past 75 years, it did.

The report did, as intended, stoke the flames of the culture wars. The Washington Post and like-minded fake-news press are having a field day denouncing the report and calling for all-out confrontation with those whom Hillary Clinton has called “Trump’s cult followers”—all 75 million of them. As Lyndon LaRouche understood, the declaration of defending human equality in the American System depends upon the Hamiltonian credit system, addressing the general welfare of all. The Anglophile lunacy of the 1776 Commission report is just as much British propaganda as the identity politics it professes to denounce.

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