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Prince Charles and Atlantic Council Push for ‘Terra Carta’ Norman Oligarchy Redux

Jan. 21 , 2021 (EIRNS)—At an event sponsored by the Atlantic Council’s Global Energy Forum’s Jan. 19-21 premiere event, rabid Malthusian environmentalist HRH Charles Prince of Wales presented his newly launched initiative, the “Terra Carta”—or, Earth Charter, with the Lantin imitation from the Norman oligarchy’s infamous “Magna Carta”—and its “Sustainable Markets Initiative” to “bring CEOs together,” to “drive a just energy transition.” Introduced in gushing terms by Atlantic Council President Frederick Kempe, Charles spoke of the “interconnection” between human health (COVID) and “planetary health.” We must move beyond good intentions, he said, to a “practical effort to mobilize financial resources.” He said, “I have been challenging leaders of nations and CEOs of corporations” to take action. To do better, we must bring economic value into sustainable viability. After droning through the usual clichés about corporate responsibility for a structural energy transition, he concluded by saying, “A sustainable future is the growth story of our times.”

He was followed by Brian Moynihan, CEO of Bank of America, and Bernard Looney, CEO of bp, who praised the Prince’s work on the Sustainable Markets Initiative, to bring CEOs together to “drive a just transition.” Looney called for support from the financial community to support more Green companies, and more “greening companies,” which he described as those not yet engaged in sustainable practices. He further stated that this will work, because “what we are doing is in line with what society needs, and wants,” i.e., energy which is affordable, reliable, and clean. Formerly British Petroleum, now bp, complete with lower-case initials, is moving to become an energy company, not just an oil company. He said that 45% of the companies listed on the London FTSE index are now committed to this project. Moynihan said, from talks with Prince Charles, he agrees that this must now become a “do effort, not a think effort.” Both emphasized their complete support for His Royal Highness, and their agreement with him that the “clock is ticking, we must make each day count.”

Kempe, other than praising the three panelists repeatedly, made a point at the beginning of the importance of Biden putting the U.S. back into the Paris Climate Agreement.

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