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Steele Told FBI, I Went with Hillary Clinton Rather than the FBI

Jan. 21 , 2021 (EIRNS)—The recently released FBI interview with British Secret Intelligence Service (MI6) agent Christopher Steele (and his Orbis Business Intelligence cofounder Christopher Burrows) reveals a number of things, covered by John Solomon in “Just The News,” yesterday, which includes links to the FBI reports and interviews.

• The interview took place after the FBI fired him for leaking to the press, which they had forbidden. They asked him why he did it. He responded that he had been “riding two horses”—getting paid by both the FBI and GPS Fusion, which was doing the opposition research for Hillary Clinton— but when FBI chief Comey reopened the investigation into Secretary Clinton regarding the illegal use of her personal servers for classified information, Steele decided to go with one horse—Clinton. And, he further claimed, they wanted the crap he had complied to go out to the press. “They followed what their client wanted, and spoke to the press.”

• Steele said, the FBI wrote, that President Donald Trump was “their ‘main opponent’ and indicated that they were fearful about how Trump’s presidency negatively impacted the historical U.S.-U.K. alliance and the U.S.-U.K. special relationship.”

• Steele said that Fiona Hill (at the Brookings Institution think tank) had introduced him to Igor Danchenko (also at Brookings, and the “primary source” for Steele’s “Trump dossier”; Danchenko told the FBI in his interview that the things he had passed on to Steele were barroom gossip). Fiona Hill, one of the many very bad choices Trump made for the National Security Council staff, then resigned and gave 10 hours of lying testimony at the 2019 Senate impeachment trial. The FBI wrote: “Hill is one of Steele’s close friends, later described in the interview that his wife went to university with Hill, and that Hill’s daughter is named after a now-deceased mutual college friend of Hill and his wife.”

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