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White House Press Secretary on ‘Domestic Extremism’

Jan. 22 , 2021 (EIRNS)—In a Friday White House briefing, today, Press Secretary Jen Psaki said that “domestic violent extremism” is a “serious and growing national security threat.” The administration is ready to “confront this threat” with “the needed resolve” and with “respect for Constitutionally protected free speech and political activities.”

1. Biden has called for the Director of National Intelligence to draw up a “comprehensive threat assessment.”

2. The National Security Council will build up a capability to counter “domestic violent extremism,” or, as she calls it, “DVE.”

3. Coordination throughout the federal government on addressing DVE.

In a country where internet giants are hauled before Congress with demands that they do more to censor the speech of their users, it is hard to imagine that much “respect” will be shown for “Constitutionally protected free speech.”

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