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Mobilization Coming: Resist and Defeat the Green New Deal

Jan. 25 , 2021 (EIRNS)—EIR and the Schiller Institute will soon begin circulating a powerful exposé of the financial oligarchs’ so-called “Green Deal” scheme and the counter-strategy of financing high-technology development to defeat it. This report will build on the Special Report we published last May, “The LaRouche Plan To Reopen the U.S. Economy: The World Needs 1.5 Billion New Productive Jobs,” which is still the only full outline for really reversing the terrible economic effects of COVID-19 pandemic and defending against the next one.

EIR’s Alert Service has warned that the five-day World Economic Forum “Davos Agenda” conference which began today involves a plan—the “Great Reset” or “Green Deal”—by British oligarchs to ban “dirty” modern energy technologies, and by City of London and Wall Street finance and the biggest central banks to get tens of trillions spent on “new,” actually primitive energy technologies. The process will reduce the human population, its liberty and its pursuit of happiness in ways very unpleasant for the billions of the “other 99%.” Only those around the British royals will admit that is their goal.

With shock, the South African government learns that its new coal-power projects are cancelled, and it is under pressure to close down, in this decade, many of the coal-power plants which provide the lion’s share of electric power to the entire country. The world’s biggest fund management company, Wall Street’s BlackRock, Inc., pressured South Korea’s leading power engineering company, which was building the South African power complexes, to abandon them. Other projects in Indonesia and the Philippines come under the same threat. In Kenya, financing disappears for development of an oil reserve which is the key to a new railroad and port corridor connecting the north of the country to its neighbors. The President of Ghana comes under intense pressure to drop plans for a nuclear complex which was to be his development centerpiece.

In London, government institutes arrogantly announce offers of $1 billion for all of Africa and India, as compensation for shutting down coal and oil power!

In the United States, half of all the coal-power plants are closed in five years by BlackRock’s and Sir Michael Bloomberg’s “Beyond Coal” drive, in spite of President Donald Trump.

In Germany or the United States, the continued imposition of a “Green New Deal” means tremendous prices for electric power, industrial chaos, blackouts.... But in Africa, India or any developing nation, it means population reduction by millions of unnecessary deaths.

The reigning British Royal Malthusian Prince Charles and his teams of eco-advisors and City of London banking friends believe that now, after 30 years of “Earth summits,” Davos Conferences and Green New Deals, they have finally got a financial stranglehold against human numbers and the “dirty” fossil fuels and “dangerous” nuclear technologies which have allowed the human population to grow. They exult at the ousting of President Donald Trump who was the most powerful single adversary of their Green New Deal and had pulled the United States out of the economy-killing Paris Climate Accord. They think that now governments will not oppose them and big finance, “Green Finance” as they call it, will starve these most productive energy technologies of all capital to exist. Joe Biden is taking the White House into their camp.

But we’ve also made clear that this plan can be stopped. To a great extent because of the influence of China, the Asian nations are opposing it; and so is Putin’s Russia.

The World Economic Forum put out a strategy paper for their conference this week, which claimed that $30 trillion in capital funds are committed to “green finance”; that is, to preventing investment in fossil fuels or nuclear power. It supposedly will only invest for environmental, social and governance purposes—a lot of bulls—t. But just 0.8% of this “green finance,” they admitted, was in Asia!

In effect, the Prince and his oligarchs are waging a European war on economic progress targeting Asia and Africa. Chinese banks are funding three-quarters of the coal-power projects in all developing countries, and while its leaders use the language of the Paris Climate Accord, China plans still to be producing half of its electric power from coal in 2050—with much of the other half from nuclear power plants. India and Russia are equally committed to coal power, nuclear power, the international crash program for fusion power that Putin called for in July 2018, and to space exploration and space science.

We know how this kind of development can be financed without any green financiers or central banks—by creating Hamiltonian national banking institutions in each country. As a first task, build a modern healthcare and public health system in every country.

We have to battle the Biden Administration for this policy of industrialization and development as the peerless American System economist Lyndon LaRouche conceived it. Set the Great Reset on its ear. Reject Biden’s ideas about “Earth Day” summits, because that’s playing the British oligarchy’s game. We need to fight for a conference to launch LaRouche’s “New Bretton Woods.” EIR’s forthcoming white paper will be the opening weapon for that fight.


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