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More Declassified FBI Documents Exposing the Travesty of ‘Russiagate’

Jan. 28 , 2021 (EIRNS)—Supposedly, a special prosecutor had to be appointed in 2017 to investigate Donald Trump, because the President had fired FBI Director James Comey, and this meant that he was trying to obstruct justice. In the newly declassified documents from the FBI’s “Crossfire Hurricane” attempt at regime change, one learns that the Acting Director of the FBI in May 2017, Andrew McCabe, and his lieutenant, Lisa Page, knew that the Department of Justice plans were in the works since January 2017 to dump Comey—long before Trump got exasperated with him. They knew there was no ‘obstruction of justice’ involved. Yet the Mueller travesty was initiated on that pretext. It’s almost as if an assault on the Capitol was planned beforehand and launched prior to Trump finishing his speech, but his speech allegedly launched the assault.

Investigative reporter John Solomon has been going through some of the documents which he covers in “Just the News” on Jan. 27. McCabe writes of a May 16, 2017, meeting in which he informed then-Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein of the obstruction probe: “I explained that the purpose of the investigation was to investigate allegations of possible collusion between the President and the Russian government, possible obstruction of justice related to the firing of FBI Director James Comey and possible conspiracy to obstruct justice.” Then, regarding Rosenstein’s supposed outrage over Comey’s firing, FBI attorney Lisa Page reports on the same meeting: “This was a strange comment, because it was my understanding that the DAG [Rosenstein] had previously indicated that he and AG [Attorney General Jeff] Sessions had been discussing firing Director Comey since January....” Finally, McCabe states of a second meeting on May 21: “We returned to our discussion from the morning meeting about the DAG’s [Rosenstein’s] memo on the firing of Director Comey. The DAG stated that based on conversations he had had with the AG [Sessions] as early as January 2017 he knew Director Comey was going to get fired.”

Otherwise, it turns out that President Trump actually asked Rosenstein to publicly state the circumstances of Comey’s firing—the Russia investigation—but, according to McCabe: “The DAG said to the president that he did not think this was a good idea and that his memo did not need to include Russia. The president replied that he understood but that he was asking the DAG to include Russia anyway.”

Separately, Solomon writes of the FBI transcript of Stefan Halper’s secret wire, attempting to entrap Carter Page, on October 17, 2016. Halper had been coached by the FBI to elicit information that would back up the Steele dossier allegations—in particular that Page had met with two Russians, Igor Sechin and Igor Diveykin. Page was recorded saying that he knew that Sechin worked for Rosneft, but had never met him; and that he simply didn’t recognize Diveykin’s name: “There’s another guy I had never even heard of.... The core lie is that I met with these sanctioned Russian officials, several of which I never even met in my entire life....” Despite this, four days later, the FBI surveillance warrant application was made to the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court, asserting that Page had met with them and omitting the fact that Page had passed their test. Solomon quotes ex-FBI officials as to how flagrantly illegal it was to keep the exculpatory material from Page out of the FISA Court warrant applications. Evidently, this was a railroad that had to run on time—at least, before it ran off the tracks.

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