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Gabbard Insists, We Must Unite To Defend Our God-Given Rights and Stop the Warmongers

Jan. 29 , 2021 (EIRNS)—“It’s not surprising that the Senate approved [Antony] Blinken as Secretary of State. After all, he is a warmonger as are most senators in both parties,” Rep. Tulsi Gabbard tweeted yesterday.

The former Democrat presidential candidate has stepped forward to do her part in uniting the disparate political forces in upheaval against the elite which has led the United States into its existential crisis today, and she is being given a broader audience to do so. In the past two days, two conservative newsmen who backed Donald Trump—former Gov. Mike Huckabee and Tucker Carlson—both interviewed her, briefly, and then urged their audiences to follow her social media. Huckabee announced that people can sign up for her new podcast series “This Is Tulsi Gabbard.”

Gabbard and her interviewers focused on the threat to the freedoms guaranteed us in our Constitution. Those freedoms are not given us by any man, or person, but by our Creator, she told Carlson on Jan. 27; adding that defending them “is something we must all unite around.” She reiterated that the Brennans, the Schiffs and the monopolistic Big Tech companies have become just as much “domestic enemies” of our Constitution as the mob which stormed the U.S. Capitol. Huckabee cited the attacks on free speech coming from both sides of the aisle: Democrat Maxine Waters’ calls for confronting Trump Administration officials on the street; the Republican Lincoln Project calling for banning any member of the Trump Administration from ever working in government again. The numerous examples of censorship of Donald Trump on the Internet are actions which dictators take, Gabbard replied. World leaders like Mexican President López Obrador and German Chancellor Angela Merkel have spoken out, she went on, because they understand what such actions mean in history.

To protect our liberties, we must speak out, take a stand, and unite around these principles, she told Carlson, and insisted: Congressmen and political leaders have to denounce the Brennans and the Schiffs for their campaign against our liberties.

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