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Civilization’s Dissolution, or a New Renaissance

Feb. 2 , 2021 (EIRNS)—History, it is certain, will reflect on the state of Western Civilization in the early 21st Century with wonder and confusion. How, History will put the question, could a civilization which produced such leaps in scientific knowledge, such profound music and poetry, a political system based on the rights of man rather than the rights of an oligarchy—how could such a civilization fall so far, so quickly?

The Congress in the United States, a nation which once represented the highest stage of Western culture, has dismissed reason itself. A senile President is calling for unity, while his party is declaring that all those in the opposition party who exercised their constitutional right to challenge the pervasive and self-evident vote fraud are guilty of insurrection, while bringing an unconstitutional impeachment process against a private citizen who was once the President, attempting to disenfranchise his 75 million supporters by declaring him ineligible of ever again running for office. The people who cheered on the anarchist mobs who destroyed large portions of American cities all summer long—burning down police stations and federal buildings, killing policemen—are declaring a pre-planned riot at the U.S. Capitol, full of FBI stringers, to be the equivalent of the Confederacy’s war on the Republic, or even of al-Qaeda’s war on civilization.

Behind this is the utter bankruptcy of the Western financial system, while the bankers who run that system are imposing a new form of fascist dictatorship upon the once sovereign nations of Western civilization. Henceforth, the bankers have declared, economic policies shall not be run by elected representatives of the people, but by the bankers themselves, in a “regime change” of the Western financial system. Credit shall no longer be issued in projects promoting the national interest, for the production of goods and services required to advance the general welfare, nor even to advance the profit motive of entrepreneurs, but rather, in conformance with their insistence to shut down industrial society to save the planet from carbon, based on the most absurd anti-scientific concoction of nonsense since the Stone Age. The Malthusian royals in Windsor Castle are delighted in their ghoulish drive to bring the world population down to their imagined “carrying capacity” of the Earth, in the range of 1-2 billion. In the process, a new “Green Bubble” is being created on Wall Street and in the City of London, in a desperate attempt to sustain the bankrupt banking system for yet a few more months.

How is this possible? Drugs have something to do with it. The destruction of Classical culture and the advent of the Age of Ugliness has a great deal to do with it. The total control of the media and the educational system by Satanists has also contributed, carrying out Bertrand Russell’s dream of being able to convince anyone that snow is black.

The LaRouche Organization and EIR will release next week a White Paper to both expose this new Green fascism, and to provide the necessary ideas to defeat it. There is little time—the world is now faced with a general social breakdown crisis, and the extreme danger of a new global war, which, in the age of thermonuclear weapons, could end civilization altogether. On the other hand, if the ideas which spurred the Golden Renaissance, which spurred the Confucian Renaissance of the Song Dynasty, which spurred the renaissance eras in Islamic culture and Indian culture—if these powerful ideas can be brought to the fore, as they have following earlier dark ages, then the world can come together for an age of peace through development—development of our Earth, our Solar System, and beyond. Lyndon LaRouche’s ideas are more alive today than during his lifetime. He once said that when the world faces a breakdown crisis, people will look around to find out who had been telling the truth, rather than the lies that brought on the collapse.

There is no solution to any part of this crisis without a solution to the entire global crisis, and, ironically, such a solution is more accessible today than ever before, precisely because the scope of this crisis of mankind is now unmistakably before us. The Chinese and the Russian Presidents addressed that truth in their speeches at Davos last week, which will be published in the next issue of EIR. Helga Zepp-LaRouche addressed that truth in her speech for Martin Luther King Day, on Jan. 18. An edited transcription of her speech was printed in the Jan. 29 issue of EIR.

It is time for all men and women to act, to master these profound ideas, for the sake of mankind’s immortal potential. It is time for all men and women to act, to master these profound ideas, for the sake of mankind’s immortal potential.

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