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‘Hope’ Spaceship Orbits Mars, Gives Hope to Earth

Feb. 9 , 2021 (EIRNS)—On schedule this morning, the United Arab Emirates’ spaceship “Hope” successfully moved into orbit around Mars. The craft powered down from 121,000 kph to 18,000 kph, allowing it to become captured into a Mars’ orbit, and moved into place nicely, after a 27-minute burn of its thrusters. It is now settling into position, to soon monitor Red Planet weather conditions. The Hope mission is to last for an entire Martian year (687 Earth days).

Tomorrow, the Chinese “Tianwen-1” is expected to make its arrival at Mars as scheduled, with a complex program planned for its orbit and landing in the coming months. Then comes the arrival Feb. 18 of the NASA craft, Perseverance, to land a rover on the surface. This February threesome brings to five, the total number of nations which have succeeded in their Mars missions to date. Truly, if we set things right on Earth, Mars is only the beginning of a new age of advancement for mankind.

Schiller Institute President Helga Zepp-LaRouche said today that, “Looking at the Mars missions all together, it shows the way out of the calamities and the geopolitical games” that are so dangerous right now. She reviewed them, beginning with the United States, where an impeachment trial that shouldn’t be happening, is being conducted as a marathon of insanity. Today there were four hours of arguments about the Constitutionality of impeaching a man who was already out of public office, which culminated in a 56-44 vote in favor of moving forward with the trial of Donald Trump. Tomorrow, 16 hours of presentations are scheduled. This is to continue through Sunday, before closing arguments are expected. It is a world spectacle of crisis in the United States, and a brainwashing operation against Americans.

The charges against former President Donald Trump are an operation against the U.S. from start to finish. Every day more comes out, for example, about how the leading figures in making sure the Jan. 6 U.S. Capitol incident would be violent, were all known and connected to, or covered up by, subversive intelligence agency networks. Already reported was the case of the national chairman of the Proud Boys who served as an FBI informant for years. Now it’s come to light that a leader of the paramilitary Oath Keepers who participated in the assault on the U.S. Capitol Jan. 6 was an FBI section chief and held a security clearance.

Another blatant case of national subversion involves plotting against President Vladimir Putin and Russia. This is being conducted by the very same networks undermining the United States—the London-centered, financial transnational networks, promoting their own dictatorship. Yesterday, a confab was held online, organized by the Polish mission to the European Union in Brussels, of various EU nations, plus the U.K., the U.S., Canada and Ukraine, to conspire against Putin, and otherwise destabilize Russia. The very same Russian aide to “dissident” Alexey Navalny, Vladimir Ashurkov, caught on tape in 2012, discussing big bucks with a suspected British MI6 agent, for the purpose of orchestrating opposition to Putin in Russia, attended yesterday’s virtual confab in Brussels. Today, Russian Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Maria Zakharova blasted the meeting, describing it as a gathering of NATO countries using Navalny to organize subversive activities against Russia.

The pace and blatancy of these moves against nations make clear the importance of the new series of strategic roundtables (online) to be launched this Saturday, Feb. 13, by The LaRouche Organization. Attending and supporting this kick-off is the best way to counter the insanity operations of all kinds now threatening the world. The event, which begins at 1 pm Eastern time, is titled, “Forum: Worsening U.S.-Russian Relations—Reverse Them with New Paradigm, or Face Nuclear War.”

Secondly, be sure to get this week’s EIR (cover date, Feb. 12) which issue is a new “Special Report: The Great Leap Backwards—LaRouche Exposes the Green New Deal.” Now is the time to subscribe. Spread the word, spread hope.

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