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Sustaining a Fight for Creative Development in the Real World

Feb. 12 , 2021 (EIRNS)—On Friday, The LaRouche Organization held a day-long live-stream event commemorating the second anniversary of the passing of Lyndon LaRouche. A memorial concert celebrating LaRouche’s life opened the event, which incorporated speeches, videos, and debate appearances by LaRouche himself, as well as reminiscences from his dear colleagues over the years—including his wife and collaborator Helga Zepp-LaRouche.

The event took place against a dramatic world backdrop, in which the gross and manifest disparities between the narrative world and the real world demand press freedom to burst through the attempted control imposed by the legacy media and Big Tech companies. For example, the story of a U.S. Capitol Police Officer being killed by fire-extinguisher-wielding Trump “insurrectionists” is false. The supposedly unparalleled evil of Trump’s urging his supporters to “fight like hell” is belied by the mountain of footage presented at the impeachment trial, of Democrats using similar language. Other videos presented by Trump’s defense team showed the false framing of his Charlottesville “fine people” language, and the rank hypocrisy of Democrats expressing feigned outrage about challenging the results of an election.

Firings and shamings for uttering secular blasphemy—“regardless of intent,” in the words of the New York Times—create a chilling effect on speech and encourage self-policing of thought itself. Lies about a Chinese plot to ensnare the world in debt are promoted to prevent the establishment of a new economic paradigm in the world. Project Veritas, a news outlet that specializes in undercover investigations, is the latest victim of the ongoing purge from Twitter of voices unwelcome to the Silicon Valley-Wall Street-intelligence slime-mold. And the Biden Administration’s decision to appeal the British decision to not extradite Julian Assange continues the assault on press liberties that Barack Obama advanced with his use of Espionage Act prosecutions. (Even Obama didn’t prosecute Assange.)

Meanwhile, what is offered as the comforting balm of all things good and holy is actually the unsavory embrace of the British Empire’s “Great Reset”/”Green New Deal,” designed to reduce the world’s population, quickly, in the name of combatting climate change. Executive Intelligence Review’s powerful report, “The Great Leap Backward,” is now available to subscribers and will soon be available for individual purchase in both print and electronic form.

To identify the incorrect axioms of one’s narrative world, to free oneself to better understand the real world, requires not only a creative method of resolving paradoxes—a method fostered by a hands-on, creative education based on recreating past discoveries—but also the staying power to do the long and hard work required to make that real world a better place.

In his 1979 autobiography The Power of Reason, Lyndon LaRouche wrote about the great effects that can be achieved by an impassioned commitment:

“As I gauged myself against great minds during my adolescent philosophical project, and have done so in reading and related experiences constantly ever since, and as I have had the opportunity to gauge myself against key figures of this century, including leading figures in various parts of the world among my contemporaries, I know the measure of existing men and women, those who are considered outstanding as well as others. In my own work, I know that my experience is that which on a relative scale of things is one of greatness. I know what the realized pinnacles of human potential development are in our time and, to large measure, in earlier times. I have, essentially, matched them.

“Thus I can address a concerned parent, or a child, and inform them of the nature of greatness as it is experienced from the inside.

“Apart from those exciting moments in which a valid new discovery of some exceptional usefulness ... there is no melodramatic glory in the process of greatness. Mostly, from moment to moment, greatness has outwardly an ordinary, homely appearance.

“Greatness is reflected in particular in small decisions made from moment to moment. It is not seen often as capacity for occasional ‘big and important’ acts of melodramatic potential. It proceeds in a succession of little, moment-by-moment decisions, whose cumulative effect is to steer one’s development and the cumulative effect of one’s actions in a certain way, so that after a passage of time, something important, something cumulatively important has happened....

“It is the persisting, growing determination to stubbornly pursuing a determination to reach that which may be seemingly impossible, yet necessary....

“Greatness is a quality of concentration span which is sustainable across decades, which can alter its steps without changing its course or objective....

“At many points, from childhood on, there were always persons who seemed to be walking the same sort of homely steps I walked. yet, in most cases, they have fallen behind somehow along the way....

“It is the difference ... between the person whose steps are governed by a commitment to a course and a destination, and one whose course and destination are usually the unforeseen consequence of decisions one at a time concerning individual steps.

“From moment to moment, both persons’ steps are usually equally ordinary, equally homely in overall character.”

There are many moments of greatness in Lyndon LaRouche’s life—major breakthroughs in thought, diplomacy, science, music, and policy. Such singularities are driven by an ongoing commitment, including seemingly small steps. Too often, attempts at political organizing are held back by a concern that they will not be big enough, or are too small to achieve their intended aim. But where will you be led by a decades-long commitment? What will guide your steps today? Next year?

The Schiller Institute is taking a step on Saturday to deflate the narrative world containing arch super-villains Vladimir Putin and Xi Jinping while presenting a compelling vision for a future real world, in a forum entitled “Worsening U.S.-Russian Relations—Reverse Them with a New Paradigm, or Face Nuclear War,” chaired by LaRouche’s closest collaborator, Helga Zepp-LaRouche.  Please register to join us.

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