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Philippine Foreign Minister Rips British Manipulation in Myanmar

Feb. 13 , 2021 (EIRNS)—Teodoro Locsin Jr., the Philippine Foreign Minister, on Feb. 4 exploded in a passionate attack on the British and the U.S. in regard to the crisis in Myanmar. “The West destroyed Suu Kyi,” he said in Senate Foreign Relations Committee hearing. “I pour scorn on the Western world for destroying Aung San Suu Kyi and making her a victim of the military. She had only the adoration of the world to stand up with against the Army.... Every step she made in the freedom of Burma, they erased—all so they could feel well tearing her down,” he said.

Further quotes:

“Myanmar is divided between the Army, which holds it together—the Army founded by her father. All she had as a balance to the Army was her reputation as a freedom fighter. Then the Rohingya problem comes up. Some idiots in my office in New York say that that is a problem of Myanmar. No! That’s a problem of the British, who created a sub-class, of sub-humans of the Rohingya, brought them to Burma and left them there, and never gave them residence or citizenship. That’s the British legacy.

“What did the Oxford crowd do? Erased every step she had taken towards democracy in Myanmar, just so they could feel good.

“The Army is critical for the unity of Myanmar. I told Aung San Suu Kyi: ‘Be careful of the West. The West destroyed Syria. The West destroyed Libya, because they were hungry for oil. They are hungry for the gas and oil in Myanmar. They want Burma broken up into pieces, so that they can prey on them. Those—I don’t want to say the word—at Oxford, tore her to pieces. And also the New York Times, just for the liberals in the U.S. to feel good.

“Now the Army saw this woman has nothing. She has no name, she has no reputation, it’s time to get her out of the way. And that’s what happened. They tore her to pieces and so where is she now? And where is Burmese democracy? Ten steps forward—just for the liberals in the United States to feel good tearing down a woman, they have gone 20 steps back for Burmese democracy.

“Forget the U.S. Talk to their neighbors, China and India, see what we can do to bring back Suu Kyi. This department will never, never listen to the West on this issue. Most Asians are looking to our leadership, to my leadership, as a more nuanced approach to the Burma problem. The last thing we want is to work with the countries of the West who destroyed Burmese democracy. I am so angry that the West destroyed her, all for their sissy sentiments, their human rights sentiments. I told everyone in my department, you listen to a white man on this, and you’re finished.”

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