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Putin Demonstrates, ‘Foreign Powers Seek To Weaponize Frustration over Falling Living Standards Due to COVID’

Feb. 15 , 2021 (EIRNS)—The Great Reset exploits crises to undercut nations and civilization. President Vladimir Putin provided a succinct description of that sadistic mentality on national television in Russia on Feb. 13. Putin had met privately with the editors-in-chief of various Russian news outlets on Feb. 10. The Kremlin chose to provide some selected video clips and Rossiya-24 aired them on Saturday.

TASS quoted Putin as saying:

“As soon as we began to stabilize, to get back to our feet—the policy of deterrence followed immediately. And as we grew stronger, this policy of deterrence was being conducted more and more intensely.... Our influence in the post-Soviet space has been growing no matter what, despite all difficulties. This causes concern. And this is where they will try to pull us back.”

Then he described the “Navalny” project:

“From the dawn of time, our opponents or potential adversaries ... always relied on very ambitious and power-hungry people, always used them. There is nothing new about it. I see nothing new.... [T]hey are too eager to earn loads of money, to sweep into power. And all of this is simply being exploited most actively.”

In this context, he said: “Foreign powers are trying to weaponize frustration over falling living standards due to COVID to stir up protests. Almost every major country is in recession. While it’s only normal to blame authorities for such woes,” Moscow’s opponents “try to exploit” this sentiment to spite the Russian government. “That’s what they did! Of course they would. That’s what they had counted on,” Putin said. “Ambitious, power-hungry people like Navalny are being cultivated and used by foreign powers to undermine and contain Russia. We have had a lot of success, and it annoys them. That’s where the containment policy, including the economy, comes from.”

The clear implication is that any and all countries can have a version of the “Navalny” project launched against them. That is, while anger over injustice led by persons of integrity who struggle for solutions is one thing, the targeting and manipulation of rage with no attempt at any solution is quite another.

Otherwise, Putin thought that Russia had outperformed expectations in dealing with the pandemic:

“The mobilization of the entire healthcare system and industry turned out to be incomparably higher than in European countries and the United States, where it simply collapsed.... The assumption was that we were worthless ... that we couldn’t do anything. But we could, and we did better than other countries.”

He pointed out that, while Western medical levels are “very high,” and that Russia is far from such a quality of treatment “in some areas,” that did not stop Russia from making a quick response to the pandemic.

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