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Two Images of Man—Three Nations Meet on Mars, and the Texas Windmill Massacre

Feb. 20 , 2021 (EIRNS)—Helga Zepp-LaRouche today addressed an international youth conference call with over 150 youths from five continents and nations, sponsored by the Schiller Institute. Zepp-LaRouche’s opening address (excerpted below) pointed to two events of the past days of great historical note. Three nations—China, the U.A.E., and the U.S., with cooperation from dozens of other nations—are virtually visiting Mars, while Texas, the energy capital of the world, is suffering the near total breakdown of its systems of energy and clean water, leaving millions of people freezing in their homes and unable to drink their tap water, unless they boiled it first, for days. One youth asked what connected these two events, to whom Zepp-LaRouche explained that they represent the two opposite images of man which face the entire world today. On the one hand, cooperation among all nations, pushing forward on the frontiers of human knowledge to achieve great things for mankind as a whole; on the other, the future of decay and de-population, even of the most advanced nations, under the genocidal Green New Deal.

Helga Zepp-LaRouche described it this way:

“The question is, how could the United States, which after all is still the most powerful economy in the world, how could it so utterly fail? What is wrong with the U.S. system? Well, it is the same thing that is wrong with the system of the European Union: Namely, that it’s based on neoliberal theory, that is, that it goes for profit maximization for the speculators and does not pay attention to the common good.

“Therefore, in addition to the vulnerability of these “renewable” energy resources, you have basically no maintenance. If these things which are really the cornerstone of what is required for the economy, like infrastructure, energy production and distribution, health systems—all of these things should not be privatized; but, if they’re privatized then naturally the maintenance gets put on a back burner, and all of these systems require constant maintenance and upgrade.

“The brutal character of this system got really demonstrated by the unspeakable remarks of the Mayor of Colorado, Texas, Tim Boyd, who had the nerve to say:, ‘No one owes you or your family anything’—he said that to the victims of the blackouts; ‘nor is it the local government’s responsibility to support you during trying times like this!” And now listen to this, “Only the strong will survive and the weak with parish.”

Now, Mr. Boyd ... had to resign since. But if you look at what happened—some people who had variable rate plans, when there is a peak in energy consumption, their prices go up. So some people who would normally pay $125-$150 a month, because of these variable rates, had bills which in one case went up to $10,000 and in another case $17,000, and they could not switch to permanent cost, because the alternative energy companies wouldn’t take them, because it was an overload. So, these people are now sitting there on their bills, and this is what this mayor from Colorado, Texas said.

“So this is basically a mild foretaste of what would come if the Green New Deal would be implemented in general. And that is what is on the agenda in the European Union; this is what the President of the EU Commission Ursula von der Leyen is busy implementing, and this is what the new Biden administration is committed to doing. For the industrial nations, this would mean all energy-intensive industries would collapse, or they would go abroad: they just could not stay in Europe or the United States; they would go to some other country or collapse. And it would mean a complete collapse of living standards in Europe and the United States....

“What the immediate task, therefore, is, and I’m urging all of you to study this special report by EIR, which is an absolute must-read document to understand what is the danger with the Great Reset, and I would ask your participation to help to make sure that all relevant places, in governments around the world, the relevant parliamentarians, get access to this report. And also that it be discussed in universities, that you contact professors, you make it a subject of debate among students, and that we really have no less intention than to defeat this Great Reset. And in one sense, the blackout in Texas was maybe a donation from St. Peter, who is in charge of the weather, so that he gave us notice of warning of what are the consequences of these policies.”

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