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Psaki Hawks More Bogus Charges against Russia To Come Up with New Sanctions

Feb. 27 , 2021 (EIRNS)—In response to a question regarding when the Biden administration would announce if there would be additional sanctions on Russia, Press Secretary Jen Psaki again brought up bogus charges to justify sanctions.

Saying an announcement could be made in “weeks, not months,” Psaki explained: “It’s an ongoing process, and as you know, that process includes, of course, a review of not just their engagement in the 2020 election, but also the bounties that were reportedly on troops, and also the SolarWinds attack. There’s a number of components.... We want to give the team—the cyber team, the national security team, the time to complete that process.” She went on: “And, of course, as in any case, the President’s resolve—has the option, I should say, of responding in a manner and time of his choosing, seen and unseen. But I would expect weeks, not months, before we conclude that review.”

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