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Creating a World without Geopolitics

Feb. 28 , 2021 (EIRNS)—The creation of a world without geopolitics requires that the leaders and people of the world develop a better understanding of the enormous potential for collaboration and economic advancement that exists at present. And a clear-eyed understanding of the forces devoted to reducing the world’s population, preventing growth, and fomenting conflict as a way of achieving the first two aims.

The modern British financial-intelligence empire—centered in the City of London, Wall Street, the Five Eyes intelligence agencies, and Silicon Valley—is deploying a Great Reset to prevent economic development for the future of humanity under the guise of protecting precisely that future, and it is acting to create an enemy image of the two nations in the most powerful position to oppose the Great Reset and the Anglo-American power structure acting to bring it about: Russia and China.

The ongoing operations are many: the 2014 coup in Ukraine and ensuing vote by Crimea to rejoin the Russian Federation, the Russiagate hoax of the 2016 election, the oddly ineffective poisonings of the Skripals and Navalny, and the oft-repeated mantra by Hillary Clinton and Nancy Pelosi that “all roads lead to Putin” are just some of the techniques used to prevent cooperation with Russia. The Hong Kong protests, exaggerations about Uyghur “concentration camps,” assertions about “enormous evidence” of Chinese culpability in the spread of the coronavirus, scary stories about Huawei and TikTok, and allegations of Chinese involvement in vote fraud in 2020 are examples of the techniques used against China.

The planting of these stories shows the effectiveness and the intention of the British, who have deployed teams of information warfare agents through such agencies as the Integrity Initiative—discussed by Mike Robinson during the Saturday Schiller Institute roundtable—and have now been caught red-handed engaging in precisely the sorts of social media meddling they have accused the Russians of.

By breaking free from the straitjacket of green ideology and monetarism, the potential for the human species is as great as the universe, to which the exciting developments on Mars direct our attention. The LaRouche Organization has posted Lyndon LaRouche’s 1994 address to the Schiller Institute—made just weeks after his parole from prison—in which he captures the essence of the power of human reason, the driving force of economic growth and human advancement.

As a case study of the tension between development-destroying geopolitics and the new paradigm of economic growth, consider the case of Iraq.

In an soon-to-be-published interview conducted on Sunday, Schiller Institute Southwest Asia coordinator Hussein Askary put the Feb. 25 Biden bombing in the context of the potential for the Belt and Road Initiative to transform Southwest Asia, and his own efforts to create a citizen’s movement capable of understanding and demanding the economic policies that will give them a bright future. In 2019, Iraqi Prime Minister Adel Abdel-Mahdi visited China with a large delegation and worked out arrangements whereby a small portion of Iraq’s oil exports could be used to secure credit from China for productive investments in such projects as ports and other major infrastructure, so desperately needed to create a full, growing economy. But the outbreak of a “color revolution” in Iraq upon Abdel-Mahdi’s return and the January 2020 murder of Iranian Gen. Qassem Soleimani and Iraqi military leader Abu Mahdi Al-Muhandis brought in a new government and ended, temporarily, the potential for the Iraq-China agreement.

But Askary had been setting the groundwork for a popular mobilization. In November 2019 he launched the Arabic LaRouche School of Physical Economics. He helped grow an Iraqi Facebook group devoted to infrastructure from 30,000 to 280,000 members, before it was deleted by Facebook in November 2020. He has continued to organize through numerous online communities, government contacts, and through the Iraqi media, and has helped to catalyze popular demonstrations in support of the Iraq-China agreement. “Will Iraqi youth be militiamen or engineers?” Askary provocatively asks.

The development of an educated and active citizenry is emphatically needed within the United States, where the present leadership structures do not have the required answers.

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