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Joe Biden Shows His Respect for Transparency—by Not Talking to the Press

March 3 , 2021 (EIRNS)—Joe Biden, who ran for President promising transparency and to end his predecessor’s supposed war on the press, has done nothing of the sort. In addition to continuing the prosecution of Julian Assange, Biden has absented himself from press opportunities.

Despite his occasionally ambling out onto the White House lawn, for such purposes as looking “normal” or foisting his coffee mug on a bystander, Joe Biden has not held a solo press conference since assuming the Presidency.

Despite Press Secretary Jen Psaki’s stated commitment to “bringing truth and transparency back to the briefing room,” the White House does not post Biden’s schedule, or that of the Vice President. There are no petitions on the White House website, and the comment line is shut down. Although the White House says it will release visitor logs, it does not plan to release the names of those who attend virtual meetings—the format for nearly all meetings at present.

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