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The Only Security Is Global Security

March 12 , 2021 (EIRNS)—The real product of a growing human economy is not steel, shoes, wheat, or computers. It is the creation of new technologies and new universal principles that serve to expand the productive powers of labor and provide a platform for supporting more people at better living conditions, capable of working more effectively on the next scientific and cultural challenges whose existence is made accessible by those new principles. Without such creative production, all economies will stagnate and die, for two reasons. First, because resources become physically more expensive over time, as the best sources are exploited and production shifts to lower-quality reserves, requiring more energy and effort to extract. For this reason alone, a stationary economy is actually a contracting one. Second, because a society not oriented around developing the fruits of creative thought and progress, is one that has lost its connection to the most essentially human aspect of the individual’s soul.

In the interconnected world of today, an efficient commitment to growth is the only durable basis for national, or even individual, security. Consider the case of the pandemic:

Viruses, especially RNA viruses, mutate all the time. Some of those mutations have no impact on the virus’s behavior, while others reduce or prevent its functioning, and others can allow it to be more infectious or more difficult to defeat. The more SARS-CoV-2 infections there are, the greater the number of new variants. Today, there are now several variants of the coronavirus that are appreciably different from those originally encountered. Current and future variants, such as those brewing in Brazil, pose a threat to the efforts to build up immunity through vaccination.

From this perspective, a purely national approach to vaccination does not provide durable security to the people of that nation. A “me first” approach—or rather a “me only” approach—fails both practically and morally. The United States has tens of millions of doses of the AstraZeneca vaccine sitting on shelves, unable to be used without the FDA’s OK. But there are dozens of countries around the world that have approved its use. Wouldn’t it make sense to make them available?

More broadly, a purely national—or individual—approach to health care overall does not provide security. What is the condition of the world’s health monitoring and delivery systems? What is the condition of the world’s infrastructure required to support such systems? Could the Democratic Republic of Congo—the world’s most significant source of the cobalt used in electric vehicles—create a public health system under its current electricity production of around 10 to 15 watts per person? Of course not.

The situation in Yemen is hellish, with widespread food insecurity developing under years of sanctions and war. Emergency food is needed, of course, but what about the paradigm driving the desperation? Will Saudi Arabia continue to torment this nation?

Two decades into the 21st century, there still exists the threat of hundreds of millions of human beings, with their own thoughts, dreams, identities, and potentials, being unable to eat. How could this be?

Against this background, how crazy is it that members of the Green religious cult (sponsored by the British military-financial-intelligence empire) propose a program of 30×30, to set aside 30% of the Earth’s land by 2030. Or even 50×50, to maintain half of the Earth free of human influence and benefit? And why stop there? Is there any reason that we shouldn’t just go for 100×100 and kill ourselves off? People proudly speak about having a child-free lifestyle, as a positive act for the environment. But what’s the point of having an environment without any people?

The greatest threat facing the world is not climate change. And it is most certainly not China. It’s the British-promoted ideology that growth is bad, that nature should reign supreme, and that any mishap that may befall us should be blamed on our insufficient devotion to the Green cause.

Lyndon LaRouche writes in his 1984 book There Are No Limits to Growth: “Human life is sacred, and its increase is not only an expression of the universal law of the universe, but if man fails to bring his willful practice into agreement with that law, then the society so failing becomes unfit to exist, and will collapse, to make way, sooner or later, for one which fulfills the law. That is the Law of Population.”

What we see playing out before us is a society, the British Empire, which is indeed unfit to exist. But it is not simply collapsing. It seeks to prevent the rise of any other society that is committed to this law of population. And it is willing to risk war, even nuclear war.

Neither powerful friends, a large retirement account, nor a hoard of water, canned goods, or vaccines can protect you from that. Will you have the personal security living, today, in a way that will allow you to pass away with a smile on your face, knowing that you are acting to live a truly productive life?

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