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Blinken, Brits, and NATO: The Empire Seeks To Destroy China and Russia

March 23 , 2021 (EIRNS)—While Secretary of State Antony Blinken is in Brussels, pressuring the EU to enforce upon its member nations a total break from Russia and China, the British have openly announced that the British Empire is back in its full evil glory, to “counter growing threats from Russia and China.”

U.K. Defense Secretary Ben Wallace, in the foreword to the new Defence Command Paper “Defence in a Competitive Age,” released on Monday, made no effort to hide his pride that the entire world is now subject to “Global Britain”—the newly-coined name for the British Empire. “Those of us in government charged to protect and defend,” he said, “have a duty to enter new domains.” The new geometry of the world, he said, his upper lip suitably stiff, demands no less from the Empire: “The notion of war and peace as binary states has given way to a continuum of conflict, requiring us to prepare our forces for more persistent global engagement and constant campaigning, moving seamlessly from operating to war fighting.” The armed forces, he added, “will no longer be held as a force of last resort, but become more present and active around the world..., whether in the Euro-Atlantic, the Indo-Pacific, or beyond.” And of course, all of this is needed “to counter growing threats from Russia and China.”

Blinken, meanwhile, is fully onboard, assuring the Brits that “British brains and American brawn” will continue to defend the British Empire. Together with the EU’s Foreign Affairs High Representative Josep Borrell, Blinken is “re-launching” the U.S.-EU China Dialogue, which was initiated by Mike Pompeo and Borrell last October but went dormant after the U.S. election. Blinken also met with NATO chief Jens Stoltenberg, essentially agreeing that the May 1 date to pull NATO troops out of Afghanistan is off the table. Get ready for the next 20 years....

The Schiller Institute/ICLC Conference this past weekend provided gruesome testimony of what these policies mean in the real world, with testimony by government officials from Yemen and Syria, and others, describing the genocide taking place in their nations as a result of the “endless wars” carried out by the Bush and Obama administrations, together with the U.S.’s unilateral sanctions, leaving their people prey to both starvation and the COVID-19 virus. Yet Wallace had the gall to pronounce that “we must actively champion those shared values of liberty, justice and tolerance that have given billions of souls the world over the chance of a better life.” While this is indeed the goal of the “win-win” policies of the Belt and Road Initiative, the geopolitical policies of the Empire are fully committed to depopulation, via war, disease, and economic destruction through Green Finance, cutting off credit to the productive economy.

Nor is the destruction being applied only to the nations of the South. The Biden Administration, the Boris Johnson Administration, and the EU dictators in Brussels are actively enforcing the Green New Deal, pumping trillions of dollars into a green bubble while cutting off financing for fossil fuels, industry, and agriculture, under cover of the fake science of anthropogenic climate change, powerfully refuted by Princeton University Professor Emeritus Will Happer at the Schiller Institute Conference. The Biden Administration, having succeeded in ramming through the $1.9 trillion subsidy bill, with only a fraction going to victims of the lockdowns, is now preparing a $3 trillion “infrastructure” bill, which, they acknowledge, will go primarily to wasteful green projects and climate research. The quadrillion-dollar-plus financial bubble is ready to burst into a hyperinflationary explosion, which a new “green bubble” will not be able to forestall.

Russia and China are no longer holding back from identifying and denouncing this new form of the British Empire. Foreign Ministers Sergey Lavrov and Wang Yi, meeting in China this week, pledged to strengthen their strategic partnership, bluntly described the evil of the so-called “rules-based order” posed by the Empire to replace the international law agreed upon after World War II in the UN Charter. Lavrov: “We reject zero-sum geopolitical games and reject unilateral illegitimate sanctions that our Western colleagues resort to more and more often. We noted the destructive nature of the United States’ intentions to undermine the UN-centered international legal architecture, relying on military-political alliances of the Cold War era and creating new closed alliances in the same vein.” Wang Yi: “We should act as guarantors of justice in international affairs. China is ready to promote the international system established by the United Nations, protect the world order based on international law, and abide by universal values such as peace, development, justice, democracy, equality and freedom.”

The only fora in existence today which is bringing people of good will together from across the globe, to create the force required to defeat the evil of the Empire, are the Schiller Institute and the associated LaRouche Organization. This was on clear display at the Schiller Institute Conference mentioned above. You owe it to yourself and your posterity to watch this event, to pass it on to others, and to join in the mobilization to pull the world away from the brink, to launch a new Renaissance for all mankind.

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