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Chinese Defense Minister Warns in Yugoslavia, China Will Not Allow History To Repeat Itself

March 28 , 2021 (EIRNS)—During a visit to the site of Chinese Embassy in Belgrade, former Yugoslavia, which was bombed by NATO on May 7, 1999—purportedly accidentally—Defense Minister Wei Fenghe paid tribute to the martyrs and stated: “The Chinese military will never allow history to repeat itself as China is capable and determined to defend its national interest.” Xinhua reported that

“Wei’s visits to Hungary, Serbia, Greece and North Macedonia from Wednesday [March 24] to March 31 came amid some NATO members moving to deploy or announced plans to deploy warships to the South China Sea with the excuse of the so-called Freedom of Navigation operations. These countries include France, Germany and the U.K..” Xinhua further reported that Wei emphasized that “China is fully capable and determined to defend its national sovereignty, security and development interests.”

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