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Cancel ‘Earth Day’! The World Needs a ‘Mars Day’ Instead

April 1 , 2021 (EIRNS)—President Joe Biden has invited forty heads of state to attend a virtual summit hosted by Washington on April 22-23, to celebrate Earth Day by ringing in a new era of global Green deindustrialization and depopulation under the guise of achieving “zero carbon emissions”—whatever that is supposed to mean—by 2050.

It can’t be done, and it is not going to work. Already one of India’s top climate-change experts and Member of the PM’s Council on Climate Change, Chandrashekhar Dasgupta, has stated that India should pay lip service to the global goals, but absolutely cannot be bound by them in their own country, because they are a developing nation that must grow or perish.

The same holds for Biden’s $2.2 trillion “infrastructure and jobs bill,” which the Washington Post today confided has little to do with infrastructure, and everything to do with imposing a dramatic downshift of the energy technological platform, designed to bring about a new medieval era of solar and wind energy. “The linchpin of Biden’s plan ... is the creation of a national standard requiring utilities to use a specific amount of solar, wind and other renewable energy.” This, the Post chuckles, “would amount to the most sweeping federal intervention in the electricity sector in generations.”

But that also can’t be done, and it’s not going to work. Already the spokesman for Edison Electric Institute, the power sector’s biggest trade association, stated that they will be glad to “review any proposed clean energy standard closely,” but they will not agree to this undermining the “affordability and reliability our customers value.” You can expect all sorts of manufacturing, trade union, and other professional and business groups to oppose the Green New Deal, as it becomes obvious that it means returning the United States to medieval technologies, and associated medieval levels of population.

The LaRouche Organization’s newly-released pamphlet “The Great Leap Backward: LaRouche Crushes the ‘Green New Deal’ Fraud,” reveals in detail the nightmare that the adoption of such policies would unleash. But, crucially, it also presents what none of the other critics know how to address: the substantive global solutions to the breakdown crisis, as American economist and statesman Lyndon LaRouche and his associates have detailed them over decades. All of these programmatic proposals hinge on the United States joining with China’s Belt and Road Initiative to cooperate on great infrastructure projects—on this planet, and beyond on the Moon, Mars, and the rest of the Solar System.

So, it would be a much better idea for Narendra Modi of India, Vladimir Putin of Russia, and Xi Jinping of China to invite Joe Biden to join them in a summit meeting of these Four Powers on the “sidelines” of the April 22-23 virtual summit. They could use the occasion to discuss the truly pressing crises facing the planet—the COVID pandemic, the economic collapse, the threat of regional and world war—and the needed solutions, including international cooperation on Mankind’s next scientific and technological frontier: fusion power-driven space exploration and colonization.

That way “Earth Day” could be transformed and properly replaced by “Mars Day.”

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