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African Leader Denounces ‘Vaccine Apartheid’

April 8 , 2021 (EIRNS)—Addressing the virtual event for World Health Day 2021 on April 6, hosted by the World Health Organization, Namibian President Hage Geingob harshly exposed the inequality behind the worldwide distribution of COVID-19 vaccines.  In his remarks, the President said in part:

“Every tragedy brings forth new insights. This is true for the COVID-19 pandemic. Despite its speed and ferocity, the pandemic compelled humanity to act in unison to overcome a common enemy.... It demonstrated that as leaders of the world, we are able to stand together, and speak with one voice. This, I believe should be a springboard for the concerted action and common purpose to address other equally important challenges facing humanity today....

     “A fairer and healthier world also means that our global approach, must necessarily address the root causes of both unfairness and poor health in all their manifestations. The social determinants of health must therefore receive our full attention. 

“In this regard, we must speak not only of availability of opportunities and health services, but of equitable access to essential tools such as the COVID-19 vaccines, tests and treatment for both the small and big countries, to move closer to Universal Health Coverage. I wish to express my disappointment in the manner in which COVID-19 vaccines are being distributed, and this points to a form of vaccine Apartheid....”

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