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The World Needs a Renaissance

April 8 , 2021 (EIRNS)—We must expose and defeat the anti-human, Malthusian depopulation agenda driving both the Great Reset/Green New Deal and the strategic escalations that could lead to military conflict, including nuclear conflict, between the U.S./NATO and China or Russia.

A chasm separates the realization of worldwide economic development and the suicidal goal of reducing carbon dioxide emissions. Both goals cannot be pursued at the same time, which is precisely why fanciful claims of climate change have been used to frighten people into adopting policies that would destroy the economic productivity required to support the growing world population at higher and higher living standards, and higher and higher capabilities to contribute to the development of the new scientific principles and technologies that are the kernel of wealth creation.

As the IMF offers itself to play the role of “umpire,” to set such rules as the climate-adjusted price of coal—which it seeks to increase by nearly two orders of magnitude over the coming years—government officials in India are making clear statements that any such “goals” must take a back seat to the right of every country to develop.

The kind of complacency that would allow a static division of the world into developed and underdeveloped sectors, or of people into the haves and the have-nots, is itself a problem to be overcome. As the world’s (financially) wealthiest people see their fortunes expand mightily under the bailout/COVID “relief” paradigm of the West’s central banks, some 150 million people are being thrown into extreme poverty, and hundreds of millions risk food insecurity.

This must not be tolerated!

In a Thursday appearance on a podcast at China Radio International, Schiller Institute founder Helga Zepp-LaRouche responded to a question about the April 7 phone call between Xi and Merkel, by speaking of the need for Europe to develop an independent strategic policy, rather than to see itself as a member of an anti-China or anti-Russia bloc.

NATO’s unceasing exercises, continuing even under conditions of general COVID restrictions in Europe, have served to encircle and threaten Russia since the fall of the Soviet Union that NATO was created to defend against. Fighting and provocations in Ukraine are designed to draw Russia into armed conflict, as provocations around Taiwan are intended to exert similar strategic pressure on China.

Meanwhile, the vaccines and health infrastructure required to bring the COVID pandemic to an end are largely unaddressed. The President of Namibia (which neighbors South Africa) has denounced current vaccine distributions as “apartheid.” Especially with the rise of new variants of concern, the pandemic—and vulnerability to future pandemics—can only be brought to a close through an enormous upgrading of vaccine and therapeutic production and of a health and physical infrastructure platform capable of sustaining healthy human life everywhere in the world.

This is the renaissance in human civilization being driven by the Schiller Institute of the LaRouche movement.

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