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U.S. Media Beat the Drums of War Against Russia and China

April 10, 2021 (EIRNS)—The Biden administration is engaging in aggressive, thumb-in-your-eye provocations against Russia and China, almost as if to force them to respond around Ukraine and Taiwan and thereby have an excuse for war. And predictably, various U.S. media outlets are turning around and blaming Russia and China for the escalating tensions.

For instance, the Wall Street Journal yesterday published an article by Ann Simmons which leads with the following whopper: “The recent deployment of Russian troops along Ukraine’s border and Moscow’s indication that it could intervene in the event of a full-scale war in eastern Ukraine are dimming hopes for a peaceful resolution of the conflict that has festered for seven years and cost thousands of lives.” No mention of the fact that the latest Russian actions are in response to Ukrainian President Vladimir Zelensky’s fast-track drive to join NATO, clearly egged on by Washington and London.

The Journal article then reviewed recent statements by Russian President Putin against the NATO drive, as well as comments by Dmitry Kozak, deputy chief of staff of Russia’s Presidential Executive Office, “who warned on Thursday that Moscow would be forced to defend its citizens living in eastern Ukraine in the event of all-out war, and said this would be ‘the beginning of the end for Ukraine’,” the Journal reported. The article then quotes Russian defense analyst Konstantin Sivkov: “If the United States of America and NATO begin to support Ukraine and strike at the Donetsk and Luhansk People’s Republics, Russia will certainly enter a military conflict.”

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