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Stopping Kerry’s ‘Zero Carbon,’ Biden’s War: It’s the Same Fight

April 11 , 2021 (EIRNS)—President Biden’s “climate ambassador” John Kerry will take his pitch for “zero carbon” to China this week, after a visit to India last week which would thankfully have to be called a failure. India’s Foreign Minister Subrahmanyam Jaishankar and Energy Minister Raj Kumar Singh said Kerry could have his general global carbon reduction goal but India would not let any specific “zero carbon” demand be applied to India or any other developing country; those nations need development and industrialization. As politely as they may have put it to him, Kerry knew he didn’t get what Biden or Prince Charles and the central bankers wanted, and India has made itself one flagbearer for a worldwide anti-Malthusian resistance.

Kerry is selling Malthusian poison, telling nations that the United States, U.K. (sponsoring the COP26 “climate summit” in November) and the IMF and World Bank and big central banks want them to remove carbon and carbon dioxide-forming processes from their economies by a date certain. This is insanity, dooming industry, electric power, and any agriculture beyond dirt farming. Life is a carbon dioxide-forming and -consuming process! This is nothing other than a dream of the oligarchical 1% to get rid of huge numbers of the 99%.

Now Kerry will peddle his poison in an intended meeting with his Chinese special envoy for climate change Xie Zhenhua—if the visit isn’t called off due to extreme tensions over Taiwan. He is trying to pitch “cooperation on climate change” as a pressure valve in Biden’s general confrontation posture against China; and get China to attend Biden’s planned “climate summit” on April 22-23, at which a huge failure is much to be hoped for and organized for. “We must cooperate with China on climate,” Kerry told India Today on April 9. The Foreign Ministry said only that China “is looking at it” referring to the summit invitation.

But Malthusianism is no offer to moderate a war confrontation; it is the same thing as the war confrontation, which is now at an intense, “pre-war” crisis point in Europe where Biden’s administration is trying to provoke Ukraine into a war with Russia with the threat of world war all over it. Kerry has not, so far. If the United States and NATO nations lock themselves into a Malthusian “Green New Deal” policy which is deadly destructive to their own economies, they will mark any major power which resists such deindustrialization and economic regression as an increasingly dangerous adversary to be brought down. Just so was Britain determined to bring down Germany by drawing it into World War I.

Notice that Kerry hasn’t even got Russia on his itinerary. Biden sent Putin a pro-forma invite to the April 22-23 Malthusians’ summit, but is trying to force Russia and Ukraine into a conflict where NATO, he thinks, will prevail.

But it also works the other way. If Russia, India, China become seen as poles of a global anti-Malthusian resistance to the suicidal Green New Deal; if American resistance is being organized as it is, by The LaRouche Organization; then the refusal of any of these major nations to go along with Kerry’s poison will become a major reason for elected officials in the United States and Europe to resist unilateral economic suicide. Support for confrontation with Russia and China will decline if they refuse the Green New Deal, war become less likely despite the Biden Administration, and real economic recovery will be possible by international cooperation.

The LaRouche Organization’s mass pamphlet exposing “The Great Leap Backward,” soon to go to a second printing, is the electric spark for that global anti-Malthusian resistance in the United States.

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