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Russia, China, and Other Nations Are Actively Discussing De-Dollarization

April 15 , 2021 (EIRNS)—With entire nations being driven to the point of extinction by the Satanic “economic sanctions” technique of implementing Malthusian depopulation policies, many of these countries are concluding that they have no choice for survival but to break out of the dollar system as best they can. Last week, China announced that it had begun use of a digital currency under government control. And on April 12, Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov who was visiting Tehran, had the following response in his interview with the Islamic Republic News Agency (IRNA) about sanctions and what to do about them:

“As for the sanctions policy pursued by Washington, our stance remains unchanged: We will continue to reject any unilateral restrictions which—on top of everything else—affect the most disadvantaged groups of population. Russia has been vocal about the inadmissibility of such restriction at various international platforms, including the UN. I am pleased to note that our position is widely supported by members of the world community.

“It is equally important to step up efforts to reduce risks associated with sanctions and potential expenses for economic operators. In particular, gradual steps should be taken to move towards de-dollarization of national economies and transition to payments in national or alternative currencies, as well as to stop using international payment systems controlled by the West. Russia has been working actively to that end. We see great prospects for cooperation in that field with all interested international partners.”

Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov also discussed the issue on April 13, according to a 13 TASS article, “Kremlin Does Not Rule Out Russia’s Disconnection from Western Payment Systems.” Peskov explained:

“We can say one thing with certainty, that in one form or another, restrictions against Russia are being used by a number of states that pursue the goal of illegally, from the standpoint of international law, containing Russia. These restrictions are manifested in various forms, and this is a rather unpredictable process. So, within the framework of this process and given such unfriendly, and at times even hostile behavior towards us, nothing can be ruled out.” 

The best way to hedge all risks, according to Peskov, is to create systems that can compensate for the lack of a particular service and various formats of financial support. "That is, systems for strengthening sovereignty in all areas of the economy, banking and so on," he stated. The Russian payment system Mir has already matured enough and with time will gain global distribution, he went on. “Yes, it does not have an international circulation yet, but still there are countries where this system can be used. And now no one doubts that this system will eventually spread globally,” Peskov concluded.

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