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Russia Considering a Possible Biden-Putin Meeting

April 25 , 2021 (EIRNS)—Yuri Ushakov, the chief adviser to Vladimir Putin, said on Rossiya-1 TV program this weekend that the Russian government is seriously considering a Putin-Biden meeting in June. According to Ushakov, signals are coming from Washington on the plans to hold a meeting of the leaders. However, he reported that there was no discussion on the summit at a working level. “Not yet” is there a discussion at a working level, he said, “but the signal has been received; we will consider this. Of course, we will make a decision depending on many factors,” TASS quoted Ushakov as saying. The Putin-Biden meeting could be held “in June, and there are even particular dates,” although he declined to specify any dates.

Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov also expressed similar views on a Sunday TV show with Rossiya-1. Asked about the Biden proposal for a summit, Lavrov replied: “Everything has been said with regard to our reactions to the unfriendly moves by the U.S. We made known all the measures we are taking or are prepared to take if the escalation continues. At the same time I would mention at the behest of the President of Russia Vladimir Putin that which concerns the proposal of the U.S. President Joe Biden for holding a summit. It was positively received and is now under consideration.”

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