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British Empire Launches New ‘Anti-Corruption’ Sanctions Scheme, Joined at Hip with U.S.

April 28 , 2021 (EIRNS)—British Foreign Secretary Dominic Raab announced two days ago that the United Kingdom, under the newly-enacted “Global Anti-Corruption Sanctions Regulations of 2021,” will henceforth impose economic sanctions not just against alleged violators of “human rights,” but also against individuals and organizations deemed to be involved in “serious corruption.” To show how serious the British Empire takes “corruption,” he announced 22 such sanctions immediately, 14 against “Russian tax fraudsters” named in the famous Sergei Magnitsky case; the other 8 against individuals from South Africa, South Sudan, Honduras, Nicaragua, and Guatemala. Raab stressed that Britain is already collaborating with the United States on this new category of sanctions; two members of Biden’s cabinet issued statements to the same effect.

What a show: The spokesmen for the most corrupt cesspools on the planet, Wall Street and the City of London, stating with straight faces that they have joined forces to fight “serious corruption” around the world! Rest assured that China, Russia and smaller nations alike are clear that this new coordination—which they hope to extend to other “allies—aims in actuality to prepare for excluding from the international financial system those that do not “play ball” with the would-be global Anglo-American dictatorship.

“Global Britain is standing up for democracy, good governance and the rule of law. We are saying to those involved in serious corruption: we will not tolerate you or your dirty money in our country,” Raab declared. The first sanctions announced “are being taken partly in tandem with the U.S., which is today also announcing further corruption sanctions. Acting together sends the clearest possible signal that corruption comes with a heavy price.”

Secretary of State Tony Blinken “commended” the United Kingdom for adopting this expanded economic warfare capability, which “reinforces the U.S.-U.K. partnership in the fight against corruption and illicit finance.... Corrupt actors, and their facilitators, will not have access to our financial systems,” he blustered.

Treasury Secretary Janet Yellin “welcomes” the U.K. move, which “gives the United Kingdom an authority similar to the United States’ Global Magnitsky program and Canada’s Justice for Victims of Corrupt Foreign Officials Act,” her statement asserted.

“U.S. sanctions are more likely to compel changes in behavior and disrupt threatening activities when pursued in concert with our allies—carrying a more forceful economic impact by disrupting access to the international financial system—and sending a stronger message to malign actors by virtue of our solidarity.

“Sanctions are, however, but one tool,”

she noted. Treasury will also be providing “guidance to financial institutions, technical assistance, and engagement with foreign and private sector partners” on enforcement, so that no one dares get out of line.

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