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In The Name of Agapē

May 12, 2021 (EIRNS)—The greatest gifts are often those that are least expected. As the British-manipulated “Palestine-Israeli conflict,” ignited by events in East Jerusalem, threatens to metastasize into even regional war, and saner souls rush to try to stop it; as the Chinese government excoriates the United States, Great Britain and others for the UN “save the Uighurs” clown-show they are putting on, before the same UN assembly they forced to comply with the Afghanistan and Iraq “preventive wars” 20 and 17 years earlier; as the banking non-regulators of the FDIC, SEC, OCC etc. refuse to point out the danger of a Wall Street stock market whose $49 trillion-plus valuation is greater than the ostensible GDP of the U.S., China, Japan and Germany combined; as the maenads, witches and warlocks of the Atlantic Council hold forums entitled “Threaten Decisive Nuclear Retaliation,” with smiling, bubbly-blonde journalists announcing, à la “Stepford Wives”: “And in this episode, the recommendation is, that NATO threaten decisive retaliation!”—in the middle of even this, it is possible to “think like Beethoven.”

In discussion yesterday, Helga Zepp-LaRouche pointed to the strategic significance of the cultural gift offered to the world by Nation Of Islam leader Minister Louis Farrakhan on his 88th birthday, May 11. His premier of his 2002 performance of the Beethoven Violin Concerto, op 61 this past Tuesday, done in part in homage not only to Beethoven, but to his musical inspiration on the violin, Jascha Heifetz, whom he met as a child of 9-10 years old in the 1940s, was an act of will, as much as it was an act of love. The “coincidence of opposites” metaphor represented in that performance, and its seeming impossibility, given that Farrakhan, at the age of 68, learned it in less than a year—something that his teacher told him it would take him ten years to do, at least—are the standard that must needs be attained for the world to survive the otherwise insoluble crisis facing it right now.

For example, the combination of productive resources to be marshalled, and scientific, medical and technical breakthroughs, logistical miracles, and cultural epiphanies that will have to be accomplished, just for humanity to survive, will force us to throw all dysfunctional axioms in the toilet. Either whole parties or factions, like the German Greens, various Israeli factions, and treasonous sections of the Republican and Democratic Party, will go, or whole nations, even sections of the planet, will go. Humanity will come first, or humanity will go, perhaps even to the last person on the planet. The philosophical association called the ICLC requires intellectual hegemony in the trans-Atlantic world, such that the once-bright spark of genius, expressed in Beethoven and the American Revolution, can restart here an intellectual fire that can illuminate the already- present solution: the Belt and Road Initiative/World Land Bridge. No “economic reform” will be adopted unless people of the trans-Atlantic sector once again embrace the scientific and moral necessity for an ever-increasing number of people on this planet, and beyond.

In the just- concluded May 8 Schiller Institute conference, the philosophical method of Cardinal Nicholas of Cusa, as he developed that method through the intellectual and spiritual effort required of him in his 1438-40 organizing of the Council of Florence—the method whose footprints are contained in the “Of Learned Ignorance—” was not only on display—it was “performed.” It is the aesthetic principle, and method, that was performed in the interplay of the speeches, questions, answers and sometimes instantaneous intellectual shifts, that started and delighted several of the speakers and many participants, was what had to be presented to the world. It is by providing an occasion for that method to be performed, as it is otherwise performed in the Beethoven Violin Concerto as Farrakhan approached his task, that we must seek to present, as a method to be apprehended by the audience, the opportunity to participate by being ennobled to actually hear what is being said or sung. Thus people are able to confront the terrible reality and overcome it, because they leave the conference better than when they arrive. That is the true revolution.

There were times when Presidents, such as Lincoln, FDR, or JFK performed this function for the American people. Ronald Reagan did so twice: once on March 23, 1983, with his announcement of the Strategic Defense Initiative designed by Lyndon LaRouche, and again on January 26, 1986, at the time of the Challenger space shuttle explosion. But this is a capacity within all people, at least to respond when Cusa’s method of the “coincidence of opposites is used.

As we, therefore, consider the dangers of the present world circumstance, let us, as the late economist and statesman Lyndon LaRouche once said, look at the earth from one thousand miles above it, and ten thousand years on either side of the present, and consider how it is, that mankind should think about what we must do, and how we must live right now.

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