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Anti-Malthusian Alliance—Morally and Scientifically

May 28, 2021 (EIRNS)—Fortunately, there are individuals and alignments coming forward, or about to, worldwide, in resistance to the Green Great Reset/geopolitical onslaught we now face, which, unless stopped, means obliteration from disease, famine and war. Two developments this week contribute to the process of transforming resistance into a powerful offensive to defeat the Malthusian enemy.

First, there is the needed understanding of how mankind, through creative discoveries and applications, must progress scientifically and technologically. This means going forward, not backward, in successive, higher modes of power. At a conference (virtual) in Moscow May 26-27, Schiller Institute President Helga Zepp-LaRouche identified this in her presentation, “Energy Flux Density as the Criterion of Physical Economy.” Speaking on a panel at the annual Moscow Academic Economic Forum, she stated at one point:

“With his science of physical economy Lyndon LaRouche developed the yardstick needed, by defining the exact correlation of the energy flux density used in the production process and the associated relative potential population density which can be maintained on each level. Since wind and solar have very low energy flux densities, and many countries, such as Germany, are exiting nuclear energy, the ‘Great Reset’ threatens to lead to a population reduction of billions, which is the result desired by the neo-Malthusian advocates of ‘green finance.’ The Green New Deal is the opposite of the New Deal of Franklin D. Roosevelt: it is the revival of the economics of Hjalmar Schacht, with the same results: mass death and war.”

Understanding the LaRouche breakthrough concept of energy flux density and potential relative population density makes it clear: morally and scientifically, the Green New Deal and Great Reset are killers.

A second contribution to the anti-Malthusian alliance comes from Italy. A webinar was held on May 26, by a grouping of Italian scientists, who have exposed the fraudulent climate models used by the UN IPCC to justify the “climate change emergency” demanding economic destruction and depopulation. The event was the first in a series of eight, through October, called the “Climate Dialogues,” with the next one scheduled for June 9. The organizers are the Padua Association of Engineers, and Galileo magazine.

At the May 26th kick-off, Prof. Nicola Scafetta, a world expert on climate models, based on solar dynamics, demolished the CO2 emissions and overheating analysis, which is refuted by real data, past and present, as well as conceptually bunk. Scarfetta and others praised the more balanced Russian and Chinese climate models. These “Climate Dialogue” scientists are those who in 2019 released a manifesto titled, “There Is No Climate Emergency,” initially signed by 200 Italians, and soon by an international group of over 500 scientists. There are now more than 800 scientist signers.

Again, understanding that the CO2 emissions model is a fraud, makes it clear: morally and scientifically, the Green New Deal and Great Reset are killers.

The Schiller Institute, just a month from now, will have another international (online) conference to further the world Anti-Malthusian Alliance, in all respects, and based on the expanding dialogue already in progress. The Schiller Institute newsletter (No. 22, USA) out today, previewed the June 26-27 conference weekend, stating in part, “The science of climate change is not settled, and much of what is presented is not based on science at all. Leading scientists with the integrity and courage to buck dangerous ‘popular’ dogma will discuss so-called man-made climate change, and the most-advanced science, including the galactic science of astronomical-scale oscillations. The suicidal trend in some European countries to stick with anti-nuclear attitude will also be discussed.

“Space science and exploration, and recent breakthroughs in controlled thermonuclear fusion, are the science drivers for a growing and prosperous human race. Man is surely a galactic species, and the realization of that idea has profound implications for everything from education, health care, to the potential for new Beethovens and Mozarts. That issue of scientific and artistic creativity will be central to the conference....”

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