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Brits Drive for Strategic Showdown of the U.S. vs. China and Russia

May 30, 2021 (EIRNS)—As the clock ticks down for the June 16 scheduled summit between Presidents Biden and Putin, the British are gearing up their efforts to sabotage the summit, and more broadly to orchestrate a deadly strategic showdown between the U.S. on the one side, and China and Russia on the other.

Neither the White House nor the Kremlin believe that any major breakthrough will occur at the summit—at best, each has stated for the record, an exchange of views will occur, and the lines of communication will remain open. But even that is far more than the British Empire can tolerate, and they are deployed accordingly—against both Russia and China. Even a cursory review of developments over the last 24 hours paints a clear picture:

The drumbeat against Russia on the Belarusian detention of neo-Nazi Pratasevich is stepping up. The President of the EU Parliament David Sassoli has called for more sanctions against Russia, to help provoke regime-change. More Ukrainian terrorists have been arrested inside Russia, out to create chaos and topple Putin. British intelligence is taking the lead in the “Wuhan lab leak” concoction blaming China for the pandemic. And on and on.

There are, of course, “realists” in the West who believe that the current confrontation course with China and Russia is both unnecessary and dangerously misguided. They occasionally are able to voice their views in the establishment media. But such “realism,” although laudable as a sentiment, will get exactly nowhere in preventing superpower confrontation and even warfare, unless it also takes on the actual cause of war: the collapsing trans-Atlantic economic and political system.

As Lyndon LaRouche uniquely specified, the danger of war will persist until the City of London and Wall Street are put through bankruptcy reorganization, and a new international credit system is established to reverse the half-century decline in the planet’s Potential Relative Population Density through global infrastructure projects. The most pressing of these is the construction of a system of advanced health systems in every nation in the world, to turn the tide against the COVID-19 pandemic and to prepare for likely future viruses.

As Schiller Institute President Helga Zepp-LaRouche stated in her most recent weekly webcast:

“So let’s hope that there will be a positive discussion about strategic issues [at the Biden-Putin summit], other important issues like the pandemic, the financial crisis, and not just climate change and the agenda of the City of London and Wall Street.

“I think also important is the statement which was made by the spokesman for the Chinese Foreign Ministry, saying that nobody should hope that a positive meeting between the United States and Russia would somehow break the relationship between Russia and China.

“So I think there is a potential that this summit could be a first step in the right direction and hopefully, the other proposal by President Putin to go for a UN Security Council five permanent member summit that would follow and address then the really urgent global issues. But it’s a building process, so I think the more people are discussing solutions the better, so let’s hope it works in a positive direction.”

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