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Nuclear War Is Not an Option—Mobilize for the May 8 Schiller Institute Conference

May 6, 2021 (EIRNS)—In organizing for the Schiller Institute Conference “The Moral Collapse of the Trans-Atlantic World Cries Out for a New Paradigm,” this Saturday, May 8, organizers from the LaRouche movement internationally have increasingly found that the veil of obscurity imposed on the populations of the trans-Atlantic nations, by governments and by the whorish media, is beginning to shred. The insidious evil of the Malthusian Green New Deal is sinking in—in part due to the mass circulation of the pamphlet The Great Leap Backward—LaRouche Crushes the Green New Deal Fraud. The rush for military confrontation with Russia and China—for even less reason than the illegal and immoral wars which destroyed Iraq, Libya, and Syria—are based on similar lies, and those lies are increasingly evident to serious people. Even the war-mongering New York Times ran an opinion piece calling the Biden Administration’s provocations of China over Taiwan “reckless,” risking a “catastrophic war.” And most important, the writer asks the war hawks how many American lives they are willing to risk, noting that senior American statesmen (naming Stapleton Roy and Chas Freeman) have now warned that a war with China could be nuclear.

Nor is the media getting a free ride. Caitlin Johnston, who last month issued an article titled “The rising threat of nuclear war is the most urgent matter in the world,” on Wednesday reported on the disgusting interview of Secretary of State Tony Blinken by Norah O’Donnell on CBS’s 60 Minutes, on May 2, in which it was impossible to tell whether the interviewer or the interviewee was the more disgusting. Johnstone indicts O’Donnell in her own words, simply by listing the questions, which included: “Have you ever seen China be so assertive or aggressive militarily?” And, “Describe what you see is happening in Xinjiang that maybe the rest of the world doesn’t.” And, “The Chinese have stolen hundreds of billions, if not trillions, of dollars of trade secrets and intellectual property from the United States. That sounds like the actions of an enemy.” Consider the hypocrisy when the Chinese and Russian press are accused of being subservient to their governments.

But the war danger is palpable. Blinken is in Ukraine, discussing the process of bringing Ukraine into NATO, placing the war machine directly on Russia’s border. Russia called a meeting of the UN Security Council May 5 to present evidence and witnesses of the atrocities by murderous Nazi gangs in Ukraine since the 2014 Maidan color revolution. First Deputy Permanent Representative Dmitry Polyanskiy called them “hideous events that cannot leave any normal person indifferent.” The response of the U.S. and British was a joint statement: “We regret this deliberate attempt to divert the attention of the international community from Russia’s ongoing destabilizing activities against Ukraine over the last seven years.”

The push for military confrontation with nuclear-armed powers, together with the Green New Deal, represent the concerted effort to restore the British Empire to its previous bloody glory, now with the U.S. as the “dumb giant” providing the brawn for the British warped brain. Malthusian depopulation is still the stated aim of the British Royal Family and its minions, whether by war, by pestilence, by famine, or by forced economic destruction through colonial looting or its modern form, Green New Deal.

The crisis is so enormous that people are beginning to shed their delusions that somehow “they,” the powers that be, will not let such a disaster happen. Creating the required density of citizens, internationally, who break those chains of delusion, and activate their creative powers on behalf of humanity and our posterity, requires the activation of the ideas generated by Lyndon LaRouche over these past fifty years. Bring everyone you can to the Schiller Conference on Saturday, where these ideas will be deliberated by leaders from around the world.

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