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China’s Xi Jinping Seeks ‘Working Together To Build a Global Community of Health for All’

May 21, 2021 (EIRNS)—Chinese President Xi Jinping addressed the virtual Global Health Summit today, sponsored by the EU and the Italian Presidency of the G20, held in Rome. In his comments, “Working Together To Build a Global Community of Health for All,” Xi put forward a five-point program for dealing with the pandemic and returning to policies of growth. He announced that China will donate $3 billion over the next three years to the world fight against COVID-19, for both medical support, and for socio-economic support.

First, he said,

“What has happened proves that to completely defeat the virus, we must put people’s lives and health front and center ... and make extraordinary responses to an extraordinary challenge. No effort must be spared to attend every case, save every patient, and truly respect the value and dignity of every human life. Meanwhile, it is also important to minimize the potential impact on people’s lives and maintain general order in our society.”


“we must follow science-based policies and ensure a coordinated and systemic response. We should advocate the spirit of science, adopt a science-based approach, and follow the law of science. ... G20 members need to adopt responsible macro-economic policies and step up coordination to keep the global industrial and supply chains safe and smooth. It is essential to give continued support by such means as debt suspension and development aid to developing countries, especially vulnerable countries facing exceptional difficulties.”

Third, he urged for solidarity and cooperation and rejecting all attempts to politicize or stigmatize the virus as forces in the U.S. and Britain have been trying to do.

“The pandemic is yet another reminder that we humanity rise and fall together with a shared future. ... Political manipulation would not serve COVID-19 response on the domestic front. It would only disrupt international cooperation against the virus and bring greater harm to people around the world.”


“we must uphold fairness and equity as we strive to close the immunization gap. A year ago, I proposed that vaccines should be made a global public good. Today, the problem of uneven vaccination has become more acute. It is imperative ... to find solutions to issues concerning the production capacity and distribution of vaccines, in order to make vaccines more accessible and affordable in developing countries. Major vaccine-developing and producing countries need to take up their responsibility to provide more vaccines to developing countries in urgent need, and they also need to support their businesses in joint research and authorized production with other countries having the relevant capacity.”

Fifth, “we must address both the symptoms and root causes as we improve the governance system” and seek preparedness for meeting future pandemics, strengthening the role of the UN and the WHO.

At the end, he pointed out that China had provided 300 million doses of vaccine to other countries and “will provide still more vaccines to the best of its ability.”

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