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Are Kamala Harris and Samantha Power Seeking To Force Central Americans To Flee Their Countries?

May 23, 2021 (EIRNS)—At the same time that the Biden administration is funding the bankers’ opposition to López Obrador government in Mexico through the State Department’s Agency for International Development (AID), that same agency has been assigned the mission of financing the NGO opposition aggressively seeking to overthrow the governments of El Salvador, Guatemala, and Honduras in Central America, as its sole “strategy” policy to stop migration to the United States from the area. Not aid for economic development, not vaccines against COVID-19, but fighting so-called “authoritarian corruption.”

El Salvador’s government was the target on May 21. Samantha Power, one of the most important architects of Obama’s “regime change” policy which destroyed Southwest Asia, now, as of this mid-month, is heading AID. She announced that AID will be “redirecting assistance away” from El Salvador’s Legislative Assembly, the Supreme Court, and the National Civilian Police, to instead fund “local civil society and human rights organizations” efforts to ensure so-called “democratic governance,” the supposed lack of which is deemed “the root cause of irregular migration from Central America.”

Salvadoran President Nayib Bukele called out the fraud of this move, in a May 21 tweet: “If you ask ANY Salvadoran at the United States border what is the reason they fled their country, 99.9% of them will answer: 1. Lack of a job. 2. Insecurity. It’s very revealing that USAID chose to stop funding... SECURITY! Is the real plan to create more immigration?”

Three days before, Vice President Kamala Harris, in charge of the Biden administration’s strategy to fight migration, met with a group of Guatemalan judicial activists invited to the White House, to prepare for her June visit to that country. She told them that the anti-migrant strategy is based on the “understanding that among the root causes is the issue of corruption and the disintegration or violation of the rule of law.... I want to underscore one point also, which is that corruption is also a deterrent to financial and economic investment in the region—a significant deterrent.” This is nothing but a threat to cut off investment in any of these countries which does not play by Wall Street’s “rules of the game.”

Perhaps the time has come for Central American patriots to organize hearings into Wall Street’s role in servicing the drug cartels that are destroying life in their countries, while simultaneously using their money-laundering profits to buy up many a U.S. political leader and party.

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